1897 Aldrich Runabout

1897 Aldrich Runabout 1897 Aldrich Runabout 1897 Aldrich Runabout Richard Aldrich was an engineer living in Millville, Massachusetts and was employed by the American Steel and Wire Co. in nearby Worchester. The Aldrich vehicle was produced for a short period of time, lasting from 1897 through 1898. It is believed that only one example was ever constructed. He built this small, minimalistic, and lightweight buggy which is powered by horizontal single-cylinder engine with a unique chain drive arrangement to the rear wheels. An interesting feature of this car is the handle throttle that is incorporated within the tiller steering handle.

This example of early American engineering features a fresh 2012 restoration, and was awarded an AACA National First Prize in June of 2012.

Source - AACA

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