1927 REO Flying Cloud

The Olds Motor Vehicle Company of Lansing, Michigan was formed by Ransom E. Olds, in 1897, selling it to Sam Smith who relocated the company to Detroit. As vice president, Olds developed steam, electric and gas-powered vehicles. So far, Olds is the only company to have developed, built and sold all three modes. In 1904, Ransom left the Olds Motor Vehicle Company and founded the REO Motor Company. By 1907, REO was one of the wealthiest automobile manufacturers in the world. Their success, however, was short lived, as Ford and General Motors began gaining ground with less expensive and more readily available vehicles.

The REO vehicles built a reputation for their speed, styling, and durability. In 1927, they introduced their Flying Cloud model. Power was from a 268 cubic-inch, inline-6 cylinder engine. The Roadster model sold for roughly $1,700 new, and remained on sale until 1936.

By Daniel Vaughan | Sep 2016
1927 REO Flying Cloud 1927 REO Flying Cloud 1927 REO Flying Cloud
Deluxe Sedan
1927 was the first year of the 'Flying Cloud' model name. It was also the first year for hydraulic brakes. This REO Flying Cloud Sedan is powered by a 6-cylinder engine displacing 268 cubic-inches. The wheelbase measures 121 inches and it weighs 3,000 pounds.
By Daniel Vaughan | Dec 2016

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1930Ford (1,140,710)Chevrolet (640,980)Buick (181,743)12,563
1929Ford (1,507,132)Chevrolet (1,328,605)Buick (196,104)1,600
1928Chevrolet (1,193,212)Ford (607,592)Willys Knight (231,360)23,498
1927Chevrolet (1,001,820)Ford (367,213)Buick (255,160)33,353
1926Ford (1,669,847)Chevrolet (547,724)Buick (266,753)13,193
1925Ford (1,669,847)Chevrolet (306,479)Dodge (201,000)16,035
1924Ford (1,831,128)Chevrolet (264,868)Dodge (193,861)13,366
1923Ford (1,831,128)Chevrolet (323,182)Buick (210,572)15,228
1922Ford (1,147,028)Dodge (152,673)Chevrolet (138,932)9,249

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