1899 Oldsmobile Electric

1899 Oldsmobile Electric 1899 Oldsmobile Electric 1899 Oldsmobile Electric In 1899, the Olds Motor Vehicle Company and the Olds Gasoline Engine Works were combined to form the Olds Motor Works. After this union between these two companies, a new factory was built in Detroit. During this time, Ransom Olds began experimenting with electric automobiles and would build somewhere between 6 to 8 electrics.

The Oldsmobile Electrics were given Edison batteries which were quite poor and the range of the cars were very limited. One driver recalls that an electric was taken to a Cleveland Car Show and was not able to get up the hill from the boat dock. It had to be towed by horses.

This particular example is believed to have been used in the May 1901 Detroit Floral Parade. This is the only known Olds Electric in existence.

By Daniel Vaughan | Dec 2016

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