1976 Datsun 710

The Nissan Violet was sold outside of Japan under Nissan's Datsun brand as the Datsun 140J/160J. In the United States they were marketed as the Datsun 710. It was available in several body styles including a two-door saloon, four-door fastback, two-door coupe, and as an estate. Along with a different name, the Datsun 710 sold in the United States had large separate bumpers in place of the curved, fitted pieces used in other markets.

Production of the 710 Series lasted from 1973 through 1977. For 1976, the U.S. version was powered by a 1952cc four-cylinder engine offering both 100 horsepower and 100 ft./lbs of torque.

By Daniel Vaughan | Dec 2016

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1976 710
1976 Datsun 710 Price Range: $3,615 - $4,105

$6,600 - $7,400

Model Year Production

1981Chevrolet (1,673,093)Renault (1,295,713)Toyota (1,068,321)464,806
1980Chevrolet (2,288,745)Renault (1,492,339)Ford (1,162,275)516,890
1979Chevrolet (2,284,749)Ford (1,835,937)Renault (1,405,330)472,252
1978Chevrolet (2,375,436)Ford (1,923,655)Renault (1,240,941)339,364
1977Chevrolet (2,543,153)Toyota (1,884,260)Ford (1,840,427)488,217
1976Chevrolet (2,103,862)Toyota (1,884,260)Ford (1,861,537)270,103
1975Chevrolet (1,755,773)Toyota (1,714,836)Ford (1,569,608)259,842
1974Chevrolet (2,333,839)Ford (2,179,791)Renault (1,355,799)185,155
1973Chevrolet (2,579,509)Ford (2,349,815)Fiat (1,390,251)231,191
1972Chevrolet (2,420,564)Ford (2,246,563)Fiat (1,368,216)268,666
1971Ford (2,054,351)Chevrolet (1,830,319)Volkswagen (1,128,784)185,155

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