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2017 Renault Mégane R.S


•The Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix weekend will see All-New Mégane R.S. make its first public appearance around the Principality's famous street track on 26th May in the hands of Nico Hülkenberg
•All-New Mégane R.S. will sport a yellow and black livery to mark Renault Sport's colours
•All-New Mégane R.S. will be unveiled at September's Frankfurt Motor Show

Since 2004, the successive generations of Mégane R.S. have provided their owners wîth landmark innovations and technologies, from independent §teering axis front suspension and a choice of Sport and Cup chassis, to Recaro bucket seats, Brembo brake callipers and innovative R.S. Monitor. Renault Sport's staff are continually exploring new frontiers when it comes to providing customers wîth exceptional suspension and engine performance, along wîth aerodynamics honed for efficiency and the best of F1 technology. The successive generations of Mégane R.S. have all stood out as benchmarks in the compact sports car class.

Renault Sport's road car range has long been driven by the experience Renault has forged in Formula 1 over the past four decades. The three generations of its flagship model – the Mégane R.S. – have featured a raft of advanced technologies for almost 15 years.

Due to be unveiled officially at September's Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany, All-New Mégane R.S. is poised to break cover in Monaco on Friday 26th May, driven by Renault Sport Racing Formula One Team's Nico Hülkenberg. For the occasion, the car will sport a yellow and black livery to mark the 40th anniversary of Renault's involvement in Formula 1.

Source - Renault


Boosted performance
•First in the hot hatch §egmènt to receive 4CONTROL four-wheel §teering
•All-new 280hp engine wîth 390Nm of torque
•Now wîth two transmissions – either 6-speed manual or 6-speed EDC automatic
•Inspired by Renault's motorsport expertise
•Front and rear hydraulic compression stops to provide additional damping and eliminate the effects of rebound
•Two chassis options – Sport and Cup, wîth limited slip differential available on Cup chassis
•Completely redesigned PerfoHub independent §teering axis front suspension
•More efficient than ever before wîth lower emissions and improved fuel economy
•R.S. Vision – innovative, high-performance lighting technology
•New R.S. Monitor Expert. Real-time performance display can now be connected to a camera and posted directly onto social media
•Trophy version wîth 300hp and 400Nm of torque will be available by the end of 2018
•New Mégane Renault Sport will go on sale in the ÚK in spring 2018

Renault Sport is proud to be taking the wraps off New Renault Mégane R.S. at the 2017 Frankfurt International Motor Show. Since the launch of the original Mégane R.S. back in 2004, the model has carved out a strong reputation in the high-performance C-§egmènt and become widely regarded as a benchmark in its class.

New Renault Mégane R.S. takes Renault Sport's unmistakeable hallmarks of agility, efficiency and driving enjoyment a step further thanks to a more finely-tuned chassis performance permitted by 4CONTROL technology complete wîth four-wheel §teering, a first in the §egmènt. An all-new 280hp/390Nm engine has benefited from synergies within the Alliance, and, for the first time, New Renault Mégane R.S. is available wîth a choice of two transmission options.

Order books for New Renault Mégane R.S. will open in the ÚK in spring 2018.

'I was involved in New Renault Mégane R.S.'s development and I am proud to be its ambassador. Thanks to the new technologies it packs, including 4CONTROL technology, New Mégane R.S. is even more efficient and nimble than its predecessor. It's a delight to drive.'

Nico Hülkenberg – Renault Sport Racing Formula 1 driver and Renault Sport Cars ambassador.

'Performance is the chief reason our customers cite for purchasing the Mégane R.S. and the All-New Mégane R.S. takes the styling and technologies even further to deliver truly exceptional driving enjoyment. Our intention is to see the All-New Mégane R.S., wîth its chassis and 4CONTROL, remain the C-§egmènt hot hatch benchmark.'

Patrice Ratti – General Manager of Renault Sport Cars.

Performance-driven design

Wider tracks for outstanding driving dynamics

New Renault Mégane R.S.'s expressive, sporty lines point to the model's performance pedigree and pay tribute to Renault's longstanding involvement in topflight motorsport.

New Renault Mégane R.S. stands out through its specific proportions. In addition to the bespoke lines of its flanks, including wider wings which have been extended by 60mm and 45mm at the front and rear respectively compared wîth Mégane GT. Meanwhile, its overall width has been increased and new 18 and 19-inch wheels have been designed to provide a better stance and further enhance cornering performance.
Forceful styling features incorporating cues from the world of motorsport
The new front bumper incorporates: •A Formula 1-style blade which, in addition to being a Renault Sport styling hallmark and symbolic of Renault's commitment to Formula 1, is picked out in a distinctive Gun Metal Grey satin finish that contrasts sharply wîth the bodywork's high-gloss sheen.
•A wide air intake to provide air for the intercoolers and engine cooling.
•A specific front grille complete wîth a diamond grid pattern revisited by Renault Sport.

The design of the sides features:
•A silhouette inspired by New Renault Mégane, wîth sculpted, sensuous lines accentuated by the R.S. version's wider tracks and wings.
•Extractor vents located behind the front wheels.
•A specific sill design incorporating a black blade that runs along the bottom edge to visually connect the front and rear of the car and suggest a 'flat floor' effect, a common feature in motorsport.

•The new lip spoiler wîth body-colour vertical mountings designed to generate greater downforce underlines the width of New Renault Mégane.
•The new rear bumper incorporates: •Mégane R.S. hallmark, centrally-positioned exhaust pipe wîth a prismatic finish.
•A working diffuser inspired by the world of Formula 1 to negate lift at higher speeds.

A specific new body colour
A new body colour has joined the Mégane R.S. family – Volcanic Orange. Like Renault Sport's iconic Liquid Yellow, the new finish benefits from special work to combine a unique sheen wîth a special effect as light reflects off the body. It also injects added dynamism and is perfectly coordinated wîth the car's cabin where the following features contribute to New Renault Mégane R.S.'s distinctive interior ambience: •Sports front seats wîth integrated head rests.
•A predominantly charcoal grey cockpit1 wîth red top-stitching,
•A choice of two upholsteries ('carbon fibre weave' or Alcantara®2),
•Bespoke aluminium pedal and gear lever.

Renault Sport's visual branding common to both its road cars and the world of racing
Renault Sport took advantage of the presentation of Renault's latest Formula 1 car – the R.S.17 – in London, in February, to reveal its new logo which is shared by Renault Sport Racing and Renault Sport Cars. Now, for the very first time, this badging – emblematic of Renault's sporting heritage – appears on the tailgate of one of the brand's road-going models – New Renault Mégane R.S.

Únrivalled driving pleasure courtesy of Renault Sport's expertise
4CONTROL chassis: an exclusive in New Renault Mégane's class

Renault Sport's acclaimed engineering expertise has taken the performance of New Renault Mégane R.S. to a new level thanks to two new features that are unique in the car's §egmènt. •Courtesy of Renault's 4CONTROL system wîth four-wheel §teering (a standard feature of both the model's Cup and Sport chassis versions), New Renault MéganeS. is even more nimble through tight turns and more stable when cornering at higher speeds. The §teering is more incisive while the turning circle is even tighter when manoeuvring. Carefully configured by Renault Sport, 4CONTROL generates a whole new level of driving enjoyment in the §egmènt.
•Front and rear hydraulic compression stops, a technology derived from the world of motorsport, provide additional damping and eliminate the effects of rebound by performing the following functions:
•They ensure a high level of chassis efficiency on the Cup chassis version irrespective of the type of road.
•Combined wîth the Sport chassis, they deliver unprecedented comfort in the §egmènt.

New Renault Mégane R.S. carries over the key features that helped to forge the success of previous-generation versions.
•The PerfoHub independent §teering axis front suspension has been completely redesigned to cater for New Renault MéganeS.'s new geometry and is stiffer than before.
•The new Torsen®limited slip differential that comes wîth the Cup chassis features different lock-up values under acceleration and deceleration for enhanced traction and higher cornering speeds.
•The suspension settings of both versions are specific (springs, dampers, bump stops and anti-roll bar stiffness).
An all-new engine that benefits from synergies within the Alliance
New Renault Mégane R.S. is equipped wîth an all-new turbocharged engine equipped wîth direct fuel injection. •This 1.8-litre (1,798cc) four-cylinder unit generates 280hp (205kW) at 6,000rpm and 390Nm of torque, positioning it firmly amongst the class's front-runners in terms of peak torque.
•Maximum torque is available from 2,400rpm up to 5,000rpm.

To enable this engine to produce this level of power and torque under the bonnet of New Renault Mégane R.S., Renault Sport focused its development work primarily on the cylinder head, air intake and exhaust.
•The cylinder head has been completely redesigned wîth combined input from the experts at Renault Sport Cars and Renault Sport Racing Formula 1 engineers.
•The revised, higher-capacity dual-intake air filter features improved permeability.
•The Twin Scroll turbo significantly enhances flexibility and response at low revs.

This engine emits 155g/km of CO2 (a considerable 11% reduction compared wîth the previous generation Mégane R.S.), while NEDC combined-cycle fuel consumption stands at 6.9 litres per 100km3 (which equates to approximately 41mpg).

A choice of two types of transmission
For the first time, New Renault Mégane R.S. offers a choice of transmission for its new 280hp TCe engine.
•Six-speed manual
•Six-speed EDC (Efficient Dual Clutch) automatic transmission. (posted on

The ratios and gearshift calibration were developed by Renault Sport to combine performance wîth efficient fuel consumption, while the EDC transmission's gear shift times have been optimised for greater performance and driving enjoyment.

The EDC transmission stands out through a number of specific features:

•Paddle-shifters – of a type similar to those used in motor racing – allow the driver to change gear without having to take their hands off the §teering wheel when cornering.
•Multi-Change Down technology ensures fast sequential down-changing and allows drivers to downshift several gears in quick succession under braking. This ensures the vehicle is in the most appropriate gear to tackle the following corner.
•Launch Control for optimised getaways, directly inspired by motorsport technology. This is available in either Race mode or Sport mode, where it works in conjunction wîth the specially-adapted traction control to produce a textbook start even in low-grip situations.

A 300 horsepower / 400Nm Trophy version
Before the end of 2018, Renault Sport will introduce a Trophy version of New Renault Mégane R.S., the engine of which will produce 300hp and 400Nm of torque. It will incorporate a number of technologies geared to performance, including the Cup chassis and 19-inch wheels as standard equipment.

The performance of a car is also gauged by its braking ability. Renault Sport has introduced two new features to upgrade New Renault Mégane R.S.'s stopping power:
•New 355mm front discs wîth Brembo callipers.
•Optional bi-material cast iron and aluminium brake discs.

Úpgraded R.S. Monitor
Thanks to its on-board telemetry system, R.S. Monitor, Renault Sport extends the R.S. experience beyond the act of simply driving. The latest version features new graphics and is even more user-friendly, wîth a choice of two configurations:
•R.S. Monitor displays the driver's performance in real time on the R-LINK 2 screen.
•R.S. Monitor Expert provides drivers wîth the opportunity to connect a camera (either an independent camera or their smartphone camera) to film their drive. They can then play back and analyse their run thanks to the incorporation of performance data in the image. They can even share the film on social media.
•There is a bespoke website for Renault Sport customers.
•R.S. Replay allows owners to engage wîth other members of the Renault Sport community by uploading their recordings, playing them back and comparing runs.
Performance in all situations
R.S. Vision, Renault Sport's lighting system
Already a feature of New Clio R.S., Renault's multi-reflector R.S. Vision LED lighting system was a natural choice for New Renault Mégane R.S. Taking the form of a chequered flag – another nod to the world of motor racing – it is incorporated in the front bumper and frames the F1-style blade. This patented technology, which is exclusive to Renault Sport, delivers high-performance lighting and includes the fog lights, cornering lights and dipped and main beam head lights. R.S. Vision stands out as an unprecedented lighting package in New Renault Mégane R.S.'s §egmènt to ensure a level of visibility worthy of the car's high-performance pedigree.

Meanwhile, for the first time on Mégane R.S., Renault's trademark C-Shaped lighting signature incorporates the vehicle's direction indicators.

A personalised experience courtesy of MÚLTI-SENSE
Renault's MÚLTI-SENSE system and its choice of five driving modes personalise the driving experience by adapting engine response (via the pedal mapping), the firmness of the §teering and gear shift speeds4.
•Comfort mode: helps to minimise fuel consumption during everyday use.
•Normal mode: the ideal compromise between comfort, acoustics and performance.
•Sport mode: sportier performance, enhanced engine response, a more satisfying engine sound and firmer §teering, while the ESC threshold has been raised.
•Race Mode: designed for track use and unfettered performance thanks to sportier 4CONTROL settings for enhanced agility, wîth the ESC turned off.
•Perso mode: New Renault MéganeS.'s technologies can be activated or switched off at will to enjoy a truly personalised drive.

The R.S. Drive button provides shortcut access to the Sport and Race modes thanks to a short or long press respectively.

Driver aids designed for everyday use
Now a five-door hatchback, New Renault Mégane R.S. is even more suited to everyday use, while losing nothing of its dynamic, sporty character.

A suite of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) allows it to be driven in all types of situation.

Its palette of driving aids – all accessed and activated or deactivated via the R-LINK 2 tablet – provide the following functions:
•Reassure: Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and Active Emergency Braking System (AEBS),
•Alert: Lane Departure Warning (LDW); Safe Distance Warning (SDW); Traffic Sign Recognition wîth Over Speed Prevention (TSR wîth OSP) and Blind Spot Warning (BSW),
•Assist:Reversing camera; front, rear and side parking sensors; and Easy Park Assist (hands-free parking).

New Renault Mégane R.S. comes wîth Renault's high-end R-LINK 2 multimedia system complete wîth a large 8.7-inch (22cm)TFT display.

Source - Renault
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