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1977 Chrysler New Yorker Brougham

The 1977 Chrysler New Yorker Brougham luxury vehicle continued with little change over the 1976 version. Body styles included a two-door hardtop coupe and a four-door hardtop sedan. A total of 45,252 examples of the sedan and 16,875 coupes were built. It continued to be equipped with the 'Torsion-Quiet' ride and its classic appearance. Power was from a 400 cubic-inch, overhead valve V8 engine offering 190 horsepower and 305 foot-lbs. of torque. Standard equipment included a remote-control left mirror, reading lamps, built-in pillows on the rear pillars, front and rear armrests, lavaliere straps on the four-door body styles, and a digital clock. The instrument panels had simulated rosewood accents.

Options included a power sunroof, vent windows on the four-door sedan, lighted vanity mirror, and electric rear defroster. The St. Regis Option group added a formal Seneca grain padded vinyl canopy on the forward-half of the roof, opera windows, and color-keyed molding trim for roof and opera windows.

By Daniel Vaughan | Oct 2017

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The Chrysler New Yorker has faced amazing success in the four decades it has remained in the auto industry. Introduced originally as the New Yorker Special in 1938, the name was eventually simplified to just the New Yorker. Americas longest continuously used nameplate, the New Yorker has kept this title for 58 years. In 1939, Chrysler began to manufacture vehicles in Mexico and until the early....
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Price Comparison

1977 New Yorker Brougham
1977 Chrysler New Yorker Brougham Base Price : $7,090

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New Yorker

124.00 in.
8 cyl., 400.00 CID., 175.00hp
8 cyl., 440.00 CID., 205.00hp
8 cyl., 400.00 CID., 210.00hp
$6,640 - $6,740
124.00 in.
8 cyl., 360.00 CID., 190.00hp
$7,090 - $7,090

Industry Production

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