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2019 Cadillac XT4

All-new compact SUV delivers more for a new generation of luxury buyers

2019 Cadillac XT4
At Cadillac House in Manhattan today, Cadillac unveiled the first-ever XT4, an all-new compact SÚV tailored for the next generation of luxury customers.2019 Cadillac XT4
Developed on an exclusive compact SÚV architecture, Cadillac's entry in the industry's fastest-growing luxury segment delivers expressive design, confident performance, spacious accommodations and new technologies.

2019 Cadillac XT4
'The first-ever 2019 Cadillac XT4 expands our successful SÚV lineup to a segment where Cadillac has never been before,' said Cadillac President Johan de Nysschen. 'And it sets off a dramatic expansion and elevation of the product range, that will see a new Cadillac virtually once every six months through 2021.'

2019 Cadillac XT4
Simple and sculpted lines draw the customer in and accentuate the XT4's powerful proportions and aggressive presence. The interior is the Cadillac design aesthetic distilled: the thoughtful and artistic integration of technology and appealing style. The cabin is exceptionally refined, with expected segment-leading rear-seat spaciousness.

2019 Cadillac XT4
All models are driven by an all-new Cadillac 2.0L Turbo engine that features new efficiency-enhancing technologies including Active Fuel Management (cylinder deactivation), coupled with a nine-speed automatic transmission with next-generation Electronic Precision Shift.

Cadillac also debuts its new global 'Y' trim strategy on the XT4. Distinctive Premium Luxury and Sport models build from the well-equipped Luxury (base) trim. Specific content and styling cues tailor the Premium Luxury and Sport trims to different customer tastes and preferences.

Cadillac will roll out this new trim strategy beginning with the XT4 and the 2019 CT6 top-of-range sedan. (concept carz)

The XT4 will be priced starting at $35,790 including destination charge, excluding tax, title, license, dealer fees and optional equipment, when it goes on sale in fall 2018. Starting at the end of March 2018, customers will be able to preorder their XT4s from participating Ú.S. Cadillac dealers nationwide.

Vital Stats and Specifications
Vital Stats
Engine : 2.0 L., 4-cylinder
Power: 237 hp
Torque: 258 ft-lbs

9-speed Automatic
Additional XT4 highlights include:
◾Cadillac user experience with all-new rotary controller
◾Smart chassis features including available twin-clutch, decoupling all-wheel drive
◾Available Active Sport Suspension featuring Continuous Damping Control and new electro-hydraulic braking assist


A team of young designers representing the heart of the XT4's target customer demographic helmed the design, penning an expressive SÚV that injects a higher degree of sculpture into Cadillac's lineup — and today's vehicle is very close to their original visions for the exterior and interior.

'The XT4 has a great presence that is confident and poised,' said Therese Pinazzo, exterior design manager. 'It exudes Cadillac's DNA, but with a new boldness that speaks to the youthfulness of its team and its customers.'

In keeping with Cadillac's new 'Y' trim strategy, the Luxury, Premium Luxury and Sport models offer distinctive styling cues and trim finishes to create unique personas and greater choice for customers. XT4 Sport models feature a gloss black mesh grille inspired by Cadillac's high-performance V-Series models, gloss black window moldings and specific Sport alloy wheel choices. Luxury and Premium Luxury models feature grilles with bright metallic accents, satin aluminum window moldings and satin chrome-accented door handles.

All models feature advanced LED lighting technology front and rear, with front LED low and high beams and an LED-illuminated light blade for the daytime running lamps. Cadillac's vertical L-shaped lighting signature is stretched horizontally, emphasizing the XT4's width and confident stance.

Standard LED taillights are housed in traditional red lenses on Luxury and Premium Luxury, while the Sport model receives tinted neutral-density (clear) lenses that complement the generally darker exterior color choices.

Eight exterior colors will be offered on the 2019 XT4 at launch: Atlantic Metallic, Autumn Metallic, Crystal White Tricoat, Twilight Blue Metallic, Shadow Metallic, Red Horizon Tintcoat, Stellar Black Metallic and Radiant Silver Metallic.

Echoing the exterior design themes, the new XT4's cabin conveys boldness and strength with youthful athleticism. Sweeping arcs and tapered lines enhance the feeling of spaciousness and give it a taut, tightly wrapped appearance.

The interior elements come together in a sophisticated and modern design. Intuitive technology includes available next-generation wireless device charging and an in-cabin air ionizer.

'With the XT4's interior, we distilled Cadillac to its essence,' said Phillip Kucera, Interior Design manager. 'We've been able to be simpler and bolder than we have ever been before, giving the SÚV attitude and a sporty connotation.'

The all-new XT4 offers exceptional space for a compact luxury SÚV, particularly for rear-seat passengers. It is expected to lead the segment in rear-seat roominess, with 39.5 inches (1,004 mm) of legroom. The XT4 also offers 48.9 cubic feet (1,385 liters) of maximum cargo volume with the rear seat folded.

'The XT4 was envisioned holistically to deliver a dynamic sporty exterior without compromising comfort and functionality for passengers,' said Cadillac Exterior Design Director Jim Fleming, who helped create the vehicle's architecture.

'It's a great balance that delivers style and comfort on long drives such as a weekend getaway to a favorite ski slope, while still offering excellent cargo room for that ski trip's gear.'

Additional interior features and highlights include:
◾The thick, three-spoke, leather-wrapped steering wheel is all new and was developed to enhance the sporty feel of the vehicle while maintaining driver comfort on long drives.
◾Sport-inspired seating with prominent seat-bottom and seatback bolsters balances comfort with the kind of support typically found in sports sedans. A massage feature is available.
◾Available white ambient lighting casts a sophisticated glow and highlights important features.
◾Technology integration includes Cadillac's first rotary controller for the Cadillac user experience and other vehicle features (see below for more information), along with streamlined vehicle controls for easier, more intuitive use.

At launch, the 2019 XT4 will be offered in seven interior environments, based on Luxury, Premium Luxury or Sport trims:
◾XT4 Luxury — Light Platinum/Jet Black with Aluminum Metallized decor trim
◾XT4 Premium Luxury — Jet Black with Diamond-Cut Aluminum, Light Platinum/Jet Black with Linear Galaxy High-Gloss Wood, Sedona/Jet Black with Fineline Calico High-Gloss Wood
◾XT4 Sport — Jet Black with Cinnamon Accents with Twenty-Two High-Gloss Carbon Fiber, Light Wheat/Jet Black with Red Accents and Morello Red High-Gloss Carbon Fiber, Sedona/Jet Black with Fineline Calico High-Gloss Wood

Led by the latest Cadillac user experience, the brand's most advanced infotainment interface, the XT4 offers a connected environment.

The Cadillac user experience is a dynamic platform that offers a smartphone-like experience with an intuitive interface, faster response and improved voice recognition that can be updated over time to meet a customer's evolving connectivity needs. It leverages the cloud and available embedded 4G LTE connection to enable personalization, available connected navigation and news, marketplace and entertainment applications via the app store and a new rotary controller that offers users alternative ways to interact with the system.

The new controller includes volume and seek forward/back controls for the audio system; shortcut buttons for fast access to the most frequently used apps such as Audio, Phone, Navigation (if available) and Home; and a large center dial to operate primary features of the most frequently used apps, scroll menus and lists and select other apps to be displayed.

Additional XT4 technologies include:
◾The 8-inch diagonal Cadillac user experience interface screen has 768p HD resolution
◾Near-Field Communication, a Cadillac-first integration, greatly improves the process of pairing a phone (if compatible) with Cadillac user experience.
◾Next-generation, 15-watt wireless charging is available and offers faster charging timesi .
◾There are four standard ÚSB Ports and three 12-volt accessory power outletsii. Models equipped with the available navigation radio also receive an SD memory card reader in the center console.
◾The full suite of active safety features includes Surround Vision and second-generation Rear Camera Mirror (available)iii.

The new Cadillac XT4's confident, athletic appearance is complemented by great agility. It is characteristically Cadillac in refinement and responsiveness, but with a youthful edginess derived from the brand's critically acclaimed sports sedans.

It starts with an all-new Cadillac 2.0L Turbo engine. This advanced, power-dense inline-four-cylinder — 118.5 hp per liter — features an industry-first tripower system. The system is designed to optimize performance and efficiency by having three distinct operating modes, including high and low valve lift and Active Fuel Management (cylinder deactivation).

The engine also features a twin-scroll turbocharger to enhance torque production at lower speeds, as well as direct injection, active thermal management and stop/start technologies. Output is SAE-certified at 237 hp (177 kW) and 258 lb-ft of torque (350 Nm). A nearly flat torque curve gives the XT4 surprising responsiveness throughout the engine's RPM range.

A nine-speed automatic transmission is paired with the new engine, helping the XT4 achieve a Cadillac-estimated 30 mpg in highway drivingiv. The vehicle also features the next generation of electronic precision shift, which features an intuitive shifting sequence.

When it comes to channeling the XT4's power to the pavement, a strut-type front suspension and five-link independent rear suspension are tuned to balance refinement with responsiveness. The standard Driver Select Mode allows that tuning to be adjusted on demand for different driving styles and road conditions.

A twin-clutch all-wheel-drive system is available and offers the convenience of decoupling entirely from the rear wheels when the driver chooses, eliminating drivetrain friction.

XT4 Sport's available Active Sport Suspension features Continuous Damping Control and takes driving dynamics and control to a higher threshold, using electronic sensors to monitor the road in real time and making damping adjustments every 2 milliseconds.

The XT4 is also the first Cadillac to introduce electro-hydraulic braking assist, which supplants the traditional vacuum-assisted power braking system with an electro-hydraulic system that enhances fuel economy and takes up less space under the hood.

Source - Cadillac


2019 Cadillac XT4New turbocharged propulsion system and advanced chassis systems drive performance, efficiency and agility

Cadillac's first-ever XT4 leverages the brand's legacy of technology leadership to reward drivers and passengers with a responsive and refined driving experience.

'The new Cadillac XT4 brings a new vitality to Cadillac, in one of the industry's fastest-growing segments,' said Steve Carlisle, Cadillac president. 'It pairs the agility of our award-winning sports sedans with a youthful SÚV character.'

A new turbocharged propulsion system and an available Active Sport Suspension with Continuous Damping Control and precise, electronically calibrated steering, plus an available twin-clutch AWD system coalesce in the XT4 to offer a dynamic blend of performance and comfort.

'The propulsion elements, chassis system and extensive tuning work in harmony to make the XT4 a joy to drive,' said Todd Pawlik, chief engineer. 'It offers all the versatility you want in an SÚV, while answering the driver's inputs with both immediacy and comfort.'

2019 Cadillac XT4
All XT4 models are driven by an all-new 2.0L Turbo engine that's engineered with industry-leading valvetrain technology to deliver efficient performance, with strong power on demand at all speeds.

The engine is rated at an SAE-certified 237 horsepower (177 kW) and 258 lb-ft of torque (350 Nm) and an EPA-estimated 24 mpg city and 30 mpg highway (FWD models) for a balance of performance and efficiency that ranks among the top of the compact luxury SÚV segment.

'The advantage of turbocharging is power when you need it and efficiency when you don't,' said Kris Keary, 2.0L turbo assistant chief engineer. 'In the XT4, it translates as confident performance in all scenarios.'

An innovative double-overhead-cam tripower valvetrain complements the turbocharging system and is at the heart of the engine's balanced performance, enabling different valve lift heights and Active Fuel Management (cylinder deactivation) across the rpm band.

The valvetrain system provides three operating modes depending on driving conditions:

1. High valve lift for maximum power.

2. Low valve lift for a greater balance of power and efficiency.

3. Active Fuel Management that disables two of the cylinders in light load conditions to further conserve fuel. (concept carz)

A unique camshaft design works with electromagnetic actuators that shift a moveable shaft with different cam lobes. As the driver's input changes, the lobes shift imperceptibly between the three operating modes.

'The unique valvetrain design complements the turbocharging system to make the most of the engine's available power at all speeds,' said Keary. 'It's a seamless integration of technologies that drivers experience as satisfying, confident performance throughout the entire engine operating range.'

Additional technologies contribute to the direct-injected Cadillac 2.0L Turbo's balance of performance and efficiency, including:
•The dual-scroll turbocharger is designed to enhance low-speed torque delivery, with exceptional responsiveness. Peak torque is available between 1,500 and 4,000 rpm.
•Active Thermal Management uses targeted engine cooling to improve engine performance. Benefits include faster passenger cabin warm-up in hot and cold ambient temperatures as well as increased efficiency.
•An efficiency-enhancing electric water pump eliminates the drag of a conventional, engine-driven pump. It also enables continual cabin heating, even when the engine is off during a stop/start event.
•The design of the integrated exhaust manifold in the cylinder head helps recover exhaust heat for faster engine and transmission warm-up and quicker turbo response.
•Stop/start technology automatically stops the engine in stop-and-go traffic under certain conditions to reduce fuel consumption. This feature can be deactivated by the driver at startup.

The new Cadillac 2.0L Turbo is coupled with a nine-speed automatic transmission with next-generation Electronic Precision Shift.


2019 Cadillac XT4
An all-new, compact SÚV architecture is the foundation for the Cadillac XT4's agile driving dynamics, channeling the performance of the propulsion system into a sporty, refined experience.
Robust, stiff and comparatively lightweight, thanks in large part to the incorporation of press-hardened, high-strength steel, the chassis' strength enables an exceptionally high degree of suspension tuning that enhances driver feedback and the overall feeling of solidity.

Steering is a fundamental contributor to the XT4's sporty, nimble driving dynamics, and its variable-assist electric system connects with a solid-mounted front cradle and a lateral cross brace that add stiffness to the vehicle structure. It provides a firmer foundation for the steering system that, in turn, reduces the vehicle motions when the steering wheel is turned, for a more direct feel.

'The steering system's immediate responses to inputs offer a greater feel of connection to the road,' said Pawlik. 'It's an attribute that enhances the driver's confidence behind the wheel and gives the XT4 a sporty character.'

The XT4 also features a Cadillac-first tuned vibration absorber integrated into the airbag behind the steering wheel. It is designed to help mitigate road and propulsion system vibrations that can make their way up the steering column.

While designs on other vehicles may add additional weight to the steering wheel to help with vibrations, the innovative XT4 solution tunes the existing rubber mounts of the airbag itself to accomplish the task. It also helps provide a more comfortable feel for the steering wheel and enhances the driver's perception of structural solidity for the entire vehicle.

Additional chassis system highlights include:
•Rebound springs used with the MacPherson strut front suspension enable more refined calibration of the struts for enhanced body roll control and weight transfer during acceleration. That helps keep the wheels planted, contributing to the XT4's feeling of control, especially when cornering at higher speeds.
•A five-link rear independent suspension is mounted on a fully isolated rear cradle system that effectively dampens road noise at the rear of vehicle, where SÚVs are traditionally sensitive to noise because of their open cargo areas.
•Custom-developed, all-new Continental all-season tires are designed to balance overall grip, handling, braking and quietness. More than a year was spent refining the compound and tread design of the standard 18-inch and available 20-inch tires.


XT4 Sport models offer the sophisticated Active Sport Suspension with Continuous Damping Control (CDC), which delivers the XT4's highest levels of ride control and isolation as well as enhanced stability.

CDC is an active suspension system that provides variable damping for the MacPherson strut front suspension and five-link independent rear suspension. It uses sensors to monitor road and vehicle inputs, adjusting damping for each wheel 500 times per second.

On smoother roads, CDC automatically adjusts to the softest setting to provide greater isolation and ride comfort. On more varied roads and during spirited driving maneuvers, the system adjusts the vehicle's roll, pitch and vertical motions to maintain superior levels of handling and stability.

'XT4's available CDC takes the XT4's driving dynamics and control to a higher threshold,' said Pawlik. 'It is the ultimate in ride control and refinement for this all-new SÚV.'

2019 Cadillac XT4
The XT4 is the first Cadillac model to incorporate the state-of-the-art, electro-hydraulically controlled braking system.

This electro-hydraulic system replaces the conventional vacuum-based power assist design with a compact electric motor and offers on-demand braking power for more efficient braking performance. It also contributes to the XT4's overall fuel efficiency by reducing parasitic demands on the engine.

Additional benefits of the system include brake fade assistance in demanding conditions, such as descending steep grades, and panic-braking assistance provides greater braking pressure in emergency conditions.

'Along with all its efficiency and performance benefits, the pedal feel is firm and confidence-inspiring,' said Pawlik. 'That means drivers get a more direct, responsive feel in all types of braking conditions.'


2019 Cadillac XT4
The XT4's available twin-clutch all-wheel-drive system improves traction and vehicle control, whether the road is dry, wet, snowy or icy. And with the standard Driver Mode Select system, it can be decoupled entirely from the rear axle to enhance efficiency.
The AWD system's design independently controls torque to each rear wheel, based on road conditions, offering superior driving control. It enhances dry-road handling and cornering, while offering excellent performance in wet, muddy, snowy and icy conditions.

In inclement conditions, the system can reduce torque to a wheel where slip is detected, diverting it to a wheel with greater traction. On dry roads, it provides additional control around curves by sending torque to the outside wheel instead of the inside wheel that is experiencing more traction-enhancing downward force.


The first-ever Cadillac XT4 is an all-new compact SÚV tailored for the next generation of luxury customers. Developed on an exclusive compact SÚV architecture, Cadillac's entry in the industry's fastest-growing luxury segment delivers expressive design, confident performance, spacious accommodations and new technologies.

The XT4 is priced from an MSRP of $35,790 (including destination charge; excludes tax, title, license, dealer fees and optional equipment). It goes on sale this fall.

Source - Cadillac

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