1965 Hongqi CA72

1965 Hongqi CA72 1965 Hongqi CA72 1965 Hongqi CA72 Limousine
The often misunderstood and rather unknown history of Chinese automobiles really began with the establishment of its largest automobile factory, First Auto Works, in Changchun, Manchuria, in 1953 - although it is claimed that the first wheel was invented in China over 4,000 years ago. The Name Hong Qi means 'Red Flag,' which is of course a symbol of the Communist party. The original Hong Qi cars were first manufactured in 1958 and were a real luxury at the time; almost all were used for the transport of foreign dignitaries and the party elite, although China's leader, Chairman Mao, claimed not to have been driven in one until President Nixon's famous 1972 visit. A total of 202 Hong Qi CA72 limousines, including four convertibles, were produced, and each was fitted with a 210 horsepower V8 engine. The body features several Chinese symbols including the grille, which was based on a traditional design for ta Chinese fan, and rear lights that were designed to look like traditional Chinese lanterns. Today, fewer than ten of these Chinese Limousines exist.

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