2023 Dacia Duster

2023 Dacia Duster
• A true icon, Dacia Duster's rugged and robust nature makes it synonymous with the great outdoors
•Design elements such as Y-shape LED lights and a bold grille design, featuring the new 'Dacia Link' logo, provide a striking appearance
•Its interior is constructed from durable materials and includes a high-positioned centre console and availability of an 8-inch touchscreen
•Customers have a wide range of engines to choose from including petrol, diesel, and Bi-Fuel petrol/LPG
•Factory-fitted LPG tank extends the Dacia Bi-Fuel's range by more than 155 miles
•Dual-clutch automatic gearbox available with the TCe150 engine
•High ground clearance and 4x4 Monitor (on the four-wheel drive version) mean the Duster is at home both on the road and off the beaten track
•Offers a full suite of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
•For even more versatility, the Duster is available as a Commercial Vehicle. The Duster Commercial is homologated as an N1 commercial version and builds on the Duster's rugged and resilient nature
•Dacia Duster is priced from £17,295 on-the-road

2023 Dacia DusterINTRODÚCTION
First launched in the ÚK in 2013, and available across Europe since 2010, the Duster quickly earned a reputation for delivering all the benefits of an SÚV at a city car price. With shockingly affordable value, the Duster has shaken-up the SÚV segment, having broken the industry rules to become a unique offering for consumers. With more than 2 million vehicles sold, the Duster has been the number one car for retail sales in its class in Europe's SÚV market since 2019.

2023 Dacia Duster
True to its heritage, the Duster is a family SÚV with a trailblazer spirit. It is a reliable companion for everyday use, but also for adventures in the great outdoors. Its captivating design has evolved over the years, but it remains a comfortable, attractive SÚV for those who want a robust, versatile vehicle, with the option of 4x4 capability.

2023 Dacia DusterEXTERIOR DESIGN
The Duster's fresh and contemporary design is marked out by Dacia's refreshed visual identity featuring a bold new grille and Y-shaped daytime running lights. This modernised front end reinforces the Duster's adventurous personality.

The always-on lighting at the front and rear shows the new Dacia light signature, and Duster is the first Dacia model to be equipped with front LED direction indicators. This technology is also used for the dipped headlights (with automatic main beam activation as standard), and the number plate lights. As well as lower electricity consumption, the LEDs offer brighter lighting, day and night, providing greater visibility for both the driver and other road users.

Thanks to the advanced expertise of Dacia's innovative designers and engineers, the most recent Duster's aerodynamic performance has been improved. The design of the rear spoiler and 16 and 17-inch alloy wheels have been put to the test in a wind tunnel. These, plus new wheel bearings, tyres and LED lighting, allow for CO2 optimisations and, including the drag area (SCx), achieves a reduction of up to 5.8g of CO2 on the 4x4 version.

As well as the CO2 reduction, these features have also helped to deliver lower fuel consumption, providing further benefit for customers.

The Duster welcomes its occupants with its inviting yet durable cabin. With its most recent update, the Duster gained 100 per cent new seat fabric and newly shaped headrests for improved ergonomics. The new, slim profile of the headrests improves the visibility in the passenger compartment for rear passengers looking to the front and vice versa.

Available on selected models, the high centre console with 70mm sliding armrest houses a closable, 1.1-litre storage compartment and two ÚSB charging sockets for the rear passengers.

The comprehensive standard equipment includes an onboard computer, automatic main beam activation and cruise control and speed limiter with backlit controls on the steering wheel.

2023 Dacia DusterAutomatic climate control with a digital display, heated front seats and a hands-free key card are available on higher specification versions.

The Duster is available with a choice of two new multimedia systems. In addition to the Dacia Plug & Radio audio equipment (radio, MP3, ÚSB, and Bluetooth), two user-friendly multimedia systems are available: Media Display and Media Nav. These are accessed through the centrally mounted 8-inch touchscreen on the dashboard.

With Media Display, the equipment includes four speakers (two 'boomer' speakers and two tweeters at the front), DAB radio, Bluetooth connectivity, two ÚSB ports, and wired smartphone replication compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Specific controls on the steering wheel are used to activate voice recognition that allows the driver to control iOS or Google smartphone assistants with their voice.

With Media Nav, the multimedia system is enriched by onboard navigation and two additional speakers, totalling six around the cabin.

The interface on Media Display and Media Nav includes a vehicle tab that is used to access economical driving information and, on the four-wheel drive version, the 4x4 Monitor which displays an altimeter, inclinometer, and compass information.

The Duster's engine range has been completely renewed to combine driving pleasure with reduced CO2 emissions and includes petrol, diesel, and Bi-Fuel LPG powertrain options, a choice of manual or dual-clutch automatic transmissions, and the option of a proven and capable 4x4 drivetrain.

The Duster is available with a six-speed automatic EDC (Efficient Dual Clutch) gearbox paired with the TCe 150 engine, offering the comfort and pleasure of an automatic gearbox while keeping fuel consumption and CO2 emissions close to those of a manual.

The EDC gearbox has two clutches: one for the odd gears (1,3,5) and one for the even gears (2,4,6 and reverse). Gear changes are controlled via electric actuators which are, in turn, controlled by a computer that selects the ideal gear for the driver's requests. During a gear change, the engaged clutch opens at the same time as the clutch of the next gear closes. Gear changes are quick and smooth, and the torque is transmitted continuously. No energy is lost and there is no engine stutter, resulting in greater efficiency and comfort.

The EDC system reduces the rotation of the engine by ensuring the vehicle is in the highest gear possible for a given speed, thus controlling fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

The Duster has a complete range of Euro 6D Full compliant engines. The line-up includes:
•Diesel: dCi 115 (two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive) combined with a six-speed manual gearbox.
•Petrol: •TCe 90 (two-wheel drive) combined with a six-speed manual gearbox.
•TCe 130 (two-wheel drive) combined with a six-speed manual gearbox.
•TCe 150 (two-wheel drive) combined with a six-speed automatic EDC gearbox.

•Bi-Fuel (petrol-LPG): TCe 100 (two-wheel drive) combined with a six-speed manual gearbox.

Dacia continues to offer the factory-fitted Bi-Fuel (petrol-LPG) option, guaranteeing both safety and reliability. The length of the manufacturer's warranty, the service intervals, and boot capacity are identical to the petrol-only version. The LPG tank is fitted beneath the floor of the boot, in place of the spare wheel, optimising space.

When running on LPG, the Duster Bi-Fuel emits on average 9.5 per cent less CO2 than an equivalent petrol engine. In addition, it offers a range of 767 miles thanks to its two tanks, with a combined supply of almost 100 litres. This is made up of 50 litres of petrol and a 62 litre LPG tank (50 litre filling capacity). The useful supply of LPG has increased by 16.2 litres compared with the previous generation of the Duster, increasing the range by more than 155 miles.

Behind the wheel, the switch between fuels is immediate and imperceptible. The petrol-LPG switch can be operated manually by the driver at any time. The switch to petrol occurs automatically if the LPG tank is empty.

The 3.5-inch TFT onboard computer screen informs the driver of the fuel level in the two tanks. With Dacia, LPG combines ease of use, driving pleasure and reduced CO2 emissions, with a greater range.

True to its heritage, the Dacia Duster is a dependable SÚV for both every day and off-road use. Its high ground clearance, optimised tyres and specific 4x4 Monitor (on the four-wheel drive version) mean the Duster is at home both on the road and off the beaten track.

The Duster is your everyday companion and continues to offer genuine all-terrain features, including:
•Ground clearance of 217 mm on the 4x2 version and 214 mm on the 4x4
•A breakover angle of 22-degrees on the 4x2 version and 18-degrees on the 4x4
•An approach angle of 29-degrees
•A departure angle of 29-degrees

The Duster features a new type of tyre, no matter which version a customer opts for. The two-wheel drive version is fitted with 'green' CO2-optimised tyres as standard, giving a 10 per cent reduction in rolling resistance.

On the 4x4 version, the tyres meet the official 3PMSF requirements. The excellent grip that these provide means that winter tyres are no longer necessary.

The 4x4 version, equipped with Media Display or Media Nav, also includes a 4x4 Monitor system that sends various types of information to the centre screen:
•Lateral inclinometer: this shows the angle between the left and right-hand sides of the vehicle, which is useful when driving on uneven surfaces
•Pitch angle: this uses Hill Start Assist and Adaptive Hill Descent Control data to keep the driver informed during steep descents and climbs
•Compass: now available when the vehicle is stationary, it helps to navigate using magnetic North and South
•Altimeter: the altitude is displayed on one part of the screen, the climb-descent log on the other

After driving off-road or in the mountains, the 4x4 Monitor displays a summary log of the journey.

For even more versatility, the Duster is available as a Commercial Vehicle. The Duster Commercial is homologated as an N1 commercial version and builds on the Duster's rugged and resilient nature. The conversion takes place right at the factory, with experienced Dacia technicians replacing the rear seats of the Duster with a completely flat wooden load floor covered with a hard-wearing surface. A sturdy mesh bulkhead safely separates the load area from the front passenger compartment, while a series of lashing eyes make it easy to secure loose cargo.

A full-length removable load cover keeps the cargo bay's contents shielded from prying eyes, aided by the opaque film applied to the fixed rear windows. Finally, rubber mats and a built-in alarm system round out the protection measures.

With up to 1,623 litres of cargo space on offer, the Duster Commercial is a natural fit for hard-working trades. The absence of a load sill makes accessing the space easy and, with a bay length of 1,792mm, even the longest loads can be accommodated with ease. A generous load width of 1,247mm and a floor-to-ceiling height on the 4x2 models of 917mm means bulky items can be easily transported, too.

In addition to the cruise control and speed limiter, which is operated from the steering wheel, the Duster is equipped with the latest-generation Electronic Stability Control (ESC) as standard. There are also other key driver-assistance systems (ADAS) available.
•Blind Spot Warning: Operating between 19mph and 87mph, the Blind Spot Warning informs the driver of a potential collision with another vehicle present in the blind spot. Four ultrasonic sensors (two fitted at the rear of the vehicle and two at the front) detect moving vehicles – including two-wheelers – in the blind spot. If there is a vehicle in this area, an LED indicator lights up on the appropriate door mirror. If the direction indicator is switched on when there is a vehicle in the blind spot, the LED on the mirror flashes.
•Park assist: Four ultrasonic sensors fitted to the rear bumper activate an audible signal during manoeuvres. Depending on the model version, they can be accompanied by a display from a rear camera with dynamic guidelines on the central screen and visual warnings on the approach of an obstacle.
•Hill Start Assist: When setting off again after stopping on a slope, this feature prevents the vehicle from rolling backwards for more than two seconds once the driver takes their foot off the brake pedal, thus giving them the time to press the accelerator pedal.
•Adaptive Hill Descent Control (4x4 version): Particularly useful when driving off-road or on steep descents, this system, which is controlled from the dashboard, operates the brakes to prevent the vehicle from running away and ensures an adaptive driving speed (matched to the driver's requests) of 3 to 18mph. It works in first gear and in reverse. The driver only has to concentrate on the steering wheel and can forget the brake and accelerator pedals during hill descents.
•Multiview Camera: The Multiview Camera (MVC) system (four cameras: one at the front, one on each side and one at the rear of the vehicle) inform the driver about the environment around the vehicle. The side cameras, fitted below the door mirrors, also show the front wheels. This system is useful for parking manoeuvres or in tricky off-road situations. It activates instantly when reverse is engaged and manually via the MVC key on the piano control. The navigation screen displays one camera at a time. The camera changes angle automatically when a forward gear is engaged. The system is switched off when the vehicle's speed exceeds 12mph or via the MVC key.


The Duster range epitomises Dacia's no-nonsense approach to delivering quality for the best value, with a straightforward, simple-to-understand model line-up of four trims – Essential, Expression, Journey and Extreme.

Just two options are available across the range, honouring Dacia's promise to keep things simple: a spare wheel can be added to all Dusters except Bi-Fuel models for £300, while metallic and special paint options are available for only £650.

Kicking off the range at just £17,295 on-the-road, the Duster Essential wears durable 16-inch steel wheels, new Y-shaped LED daytime running lights, automatic headlights, front fog lights, rear parking sensors, and black roof bars, while inside there's a height and reach-adjustable steering column, cruise control with speed limiter, seven-function on-board computer, DAB Radio and manual air conditioning.

Available from £18,295 on-the-road, Expression adds 16-inch alloy wheels, satin chrome heated and electrically adjustable door mirrors, body-coloured door handles, and Hill Descent Control. The interior, meanwhile, gains upgraded upholstery, high centre console with armrest, height-adjustable driver's seat with lumbar adjustment, leather steering wheel, electric rear windows, rear-view camera, and an 8-inch Media Display infotainment system complete with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

At £19,795 OTR, the Journey only adds to Duster's already generous value-for-money proposition with 17-inch alloy wheels, Grey Quartz modular roof bars, dark-tinted rear windows, automatic wipers, and an acoustic windshield. Building on the Expression specification, the Journey goes further with automatic air conditioning, keyless entry, electric folding door mirrors, Multiview camera, front parking sensors, blind spot warning system, heated seats, and an 8-inch Media Nav on-board navigation system with smartphone connectivity for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Crowning the range, the £20,295 Extreme includes its own distinctive personality with 17-inch Black alloy wheels with Copper Brown Dacia logo for the centre caps, Copper Brown Duster inscription on the roof bars and tailgate, Copper Brown door mirrors, and a topographical pattern on the snorkel and B-pillars. Inside, the Copper Brown highlights continue on the air vents and the contrasting stitching on the upholstery, door trims and handbrake, while the topographical pattern reappears on the door sills and rubber floor mats.


Exterior Features

•16-inch steel wheels
•Black door handles and door mirrors
•Y-shape headlights / rear LED lights
•Dusk sensors
•Body-coloured front and rear bumpers
•Longitudinal roof bars with 'Duster' inscription
•Rear Spoiler
•Skid plates (underbody protection)
•Black side sills
•Tinted windows

Interior Features
•Steel grey air vent surrounds
•Black door handles
•Soft feel steering wheel

Safety and Security
•ABS and Emergency Brake Assist
•Airbags: driver's, front side, passenger with deactivation function
•ASR (Traction control) with ESC (Electronic Stability Control)
•Front seat belt pretensioners
•Height-adjustable front and rear headrests
•Height-adjustable front seatbelts
•3 x 3-point rear seatbelts
•Isofix points in both outer rear seats
•Tyre inflation kit
•Tyre Pressure Monitor
•Remote central locking

Driving and Controls
•7-function on-board computer
•Hill start assist
•Cruise control & Speed limiter
•Gear Shift Indicator
•ECO mode
•Stop & Start

Visibility and Exterior Lighting
•3-speed front windscreen wipers
•Daytime Running Lights
•Front fog lights
•Manually-adjustable door mirrors
•Rear wash and wipers

Comfort and Convenience
•Heated rear window
•60/40 Split folding rear seats
•Boot light
•Height & depth adjustable steering wheel
•Rear parking sensor
•Electric front windows
•Manual air-conditioning

Communication and Connectivity

•Dacia Plug & Radio (MP3, ÚSB, Bluetooth, DAB, steering wheel control)


Exterior Features

•16-inch alloy wheels
•Body-coloured door handles
•Silver door mirrors

Interior Features
•Decorative insert on front door panels
•Door sill protection strip (front)
•Steel grey door handles
•Map pockets on front seatbacks

Comfort and Convenience

•Heated and electrically-adjustable door mirrors
•Front passenger reading light
•Rear passenger reading light
•High centre console with driver armrest
•Lumbar seat adjustment
•Height-adjustable driver's seat
•Passenger vanity mirror in sun visor
•Rear parking sensors and reverse camera
•Electric front windows with one touch on driver's side
•Electric rear windows

Communication and Connectivity
•8-inch Media Display + smartphone replication + 2 ÚSB sockets + 6 speakers

DÚSTER JOÚRNEY SPECIFICATION (in addition to Expression)

Exterior Features

•17-inch Alloy wheels
•Grey Quartz roof bars
•Modular roof bars
•Dark glass on lateral rear windows

Interior Features
•Matt Black decorative insert on rear doors
•Gear lever cap insert

Safety and Security
•Blind spot warning

Visibility and Exterior Lighting

•Automatic windscreen wipers

Comfort and Convenience
•Heated seats
•Multiview camera
•Electric foldable mirrors
•Acoustic windshield
•Keyless entry
•Automatic air-conditioning

Communication and Connectivity
•8-inch Media Nav + smartphone replication + Navigation


Exterior Features

•17-inch Black Alloy wheels with Copper Brown 'Dacia Link' logo
•Copper Brown door mirrors
•Copper Brown Duster inscription on roof bars
•Gloss Black shark antenna
•Snorkel and Side sills with topographic pattern
•Copper Brown tailgate trim with 'Duster' inscription

Interior Features
•Copper Brown air vent surrounds
•Copper Brown decorative insert on front door panels
•Copper Brown upholstery stitching
•Door sills with topographic pattern
•Rubber floor mats with topographic pattern (front & rear)

Driving and Controls
•Hill descent control (4x4 versions only)
•Centre differential lock with selectable '2WD', 'Auto' and 'Lock' modes (4x4 versions only)

Source - Dacia

Performance and Specification Comparison

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