Auxiliary lamp grp. $18   
 Battery options $10-26  $10-$15 extra for Heavy-duty batteries and $26 extra for Delco-X- battery 
 Convenience lamp grp. $11   
 Cruise Control $62-67   
 Deck lid remote control $14   
 Electric rear window defroster $62   
 Front seat console $57  Ventura and Firebird 
 Heavy-duty Safe-T-Track $66  differential 
 Honeycomb wheels $62-123   
 Pontiac automatic a.c. $507   
 Pontiac automatic level control $77   
 Real axle options $10  Performance or Economy ratio real axles 
 Rear seat console $26  Firebird 
 Soft-Ray glass $39-49  all windows 
 Soft-Ray windshield $30-35   
 Variable ratio power steering $113  LeMans and Firebirds 
 Warning lamps $21   
 Wonder touch brakes $44-46   
 Air conditioning $397  Firebird and LeMans 
 AM/FM Stereo and 8-Track $363   
 Bumper guards $5-15   
 Dual exhaust $40   
 Power bench seat $67-103  $67,$77,$103 
 Power bucket seat $77  left 
 Rally gauge cluster $92  with clock and tachometer 
 Rally II wheel rims $56-87   
 Safe-T-Track $45  differential 
Prices ranged from $5 - $507
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