Alfa Romeo 90

Produced from 1984 until 1987, the Alfa Romeo 90 was an executive vehicle that was built and manufactured by the Italian automaker Alfa Romeo. Unveiled at the 1984 Turin Motor Show, the 90 was designed by Bertone and was soon placed between the Alfa Romeo Alfetta and the Alfa Romeo Alfa 6 in the lineup, both which were deleted following the 90's launch.

Using both the Alfetta chassis and its rear mounted transaxle, the Alfa 90 took its engines from the large Alfa 6. Though updated and modernized, the bodywork was similar to both. To aid engine cooling, the Alfa 90 was designed with a small chin spoiler which extended above a certain speed. Exceptionally equipped, the Alfa 90 featured electric front windows and electrically adjustable seats as a standard option.

The Gold Cloverleaf; or Quadrifglio Oro model featured electric rear windows, power steering, central locking, a trip computer, metallic pain and a digital instrument panel, all standard. The new model was available with five engines, the 1779 cc, 1962 cc fuel injection, 1996 cc V6, 2492 cc V6 fuel injection and 2393 cc turbodiesel made by VM Motori. The 1962 cc injection incorporated a variable camshaft timing system.

In 1986 the Alfa 90 was revamped and updated with various minor changes throughout along with obvious exterior updates that included a new grille with smaller horizontal slants.

By Jessica Donaldson

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