Chevrolet Series H
Chevrolet Series H
Chevrolet Series H
Chevrolet was founded by William Durant and would soon become one of the strongest manufacturers and market leaders at the time. This success was based on many factors, especially the well-built four-cylinder engine that was reliable and cost effective for the company and the client. The engine used an overhead-valve configuration and was designed by Arthur Mason. It operated with splash lubrication, displaced 171-cubic-inches and produced 24 horsepower.

The Model H had wooden wheels, a transmission mounted mid-ship - placed to the rear of a cone clutch and ahead of the torque tube running to the rear axle. There were rear brakes and leaf springs all around (semi-elliptic front and three-quarter elliptic in the rear).

The first Series H was available in either the 'Baby Grand' touring car of the 'Royal Mail' roadster. The base price began at $750 and was the first Chevrolet to sell for less than $1000.
By Daniel Vaughan | Oct 2009

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