Chevrolet RPO B2K Twin Turbo

Callaway Corvette
Callaway B2K Corvette Twin Turbo
Callaway Corvette B2K
Between 1987 and 1991, General Motors offered a Factory Optioned Twin Turbo Corvette known as the Callaway Twin Turbo, also known as the RPO-B2K. These Corvettes were outfitted with special enhancements by Callaway. After Callaway worked their magic, they were returned to GM to be sold as a factory car with the B2K order option. The standard Corvette, plus the additional Callaway upgrades, drove the price tag over the $100,000 price tag, making it the most expensive factory production United States car in history at the time.

During the five-year production run, there were less than 500 examples produced. For 1992, the new LT1 motor was standard equipment on the Corvette, and Callaway found it could not handle the Twin Turbo setup, and the sales were not adequate to validate the expense to perform the upgrade. Thus, the RPO-B2K ended.

The RPO-B2K offered around 400 horsepower and 500 foot-lbs of torque from the 350 cubic-inch engine (figures varied from year-to-year.) A few Aerobody cars were produced with the B2K option, these were basic body kits that were put on the car. Dymag wheels were also offered on the Callaway, further distinguishing the Callaway cars. With the upgrades, the Callaway could reach 190 MPH and could travel the quarter-mile in 12.8 seconds.
By Daniel Vaughan | Jun 2011