Chevrolet Series C

Chevrolet Series C
The Chevrolet Series C, known as the Classic Six, was the first Chevrolet model produced. It was one of the only models to be produced while Louis Chevrolet, the record-setting Buick race car driver, while still with the company. Louis Chevrolet left the company partly because he wanted to produce large and powerful automobiles, while William Durant wanted a smaller and cheaper vehicle. This disagreement led to Louis Chevrolet leaving the company.

The Series C Chevrolet was powered by a six-cylinder engine and mated to a three-speed gearbox with a cone clutch mounted at the rear axle. The Chevrolet models that followed, under the management of Durant, were more inexpensive and powered by a 4-cylinder engine, which put them in direct competition with the Model T from Ford.

The Series C Classic Six was capable of speeds of 65 mph and came equipped with a starter, four doors, a folding top, a toolbox, a cowl light, and electric headlights.
By Daniel Vaughan | Oct 2011

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