Packard 745

Packard Series 745 Deluxe Eight
A United States based brand of luxury automobiles, the Packard Motors Company was located in Detroit, Michigan.

Packard attempted to ride out the stock market crash at the beginning of the 1930's by marketing slightly less expensive vehicles than it had prior to October of 1929. Though they didn't have the luxury of a larger corporate structure that could absorb its losses, Packard did have a better cash position than other independent luxury marques.

Another advantage that Packard had that other luxury automakers didn't was their use of just one production line. Packard was able to keep costs down by maintaining a single line, along with inter-changeability between models. Since they didn't change their vehicles as often as other manufacturers did at the time, Packard instead chose to introduce new models annually.

In 1913, Packard began using their own Series formula for differentiating its model adaptations in 1913. Packard was heading into its Twentieth Series by 1942.

Packard automobiles were considered part of the 'Seventh Series' in 1930. On August 20, 1929, the Packard 745 was introduced. The 1930 Packard 745 Roadster had a 384.8 cubic inch, 106hp, straight-eight engine, and a long wheelbase at 145.5 inches. Wire wheels and the spotlight were both available options.

By Jessica Donaldson