1951 Alfa Romeo Gran Premio 159

Won the 1951 World Championship with J. Manuel Fangio.
By Daniel Vaughan | Oct 2005
In August of 1938 the 158 began its racing career victorious, finishing first and second at Livorno. It was driven by Villoresi and Biondetti. This would signal the beginning of a sucessful racing career that would last for 13 years. During World War II, racing was post-poned and the 158's were put into storage. 6 years later, they were brought out of retirement and brought back to the track.

The 15 represented the cubic centimeters of the engine while the 8 was for the number of cylinders. So the 158 was equipped with a supercharged 1500cc, 8 cylinder engine capable of producing 200 horsepower at 7000 rpm. The engine was a design by the famous Gioacchino Colombo.

Gioacchino Colombo started out being the primary builder of Ferrari's engines in the late 1940's and a major contributor to the success of Ferrari. Aurelio Lambredi became his assistant in 1947. Lambredi soon became convinced that a large engine that was naturally aspirated would have better fuel economy and provide more power. Colombo was of the belief that smaller engine compiled with a supercharger would produce the better results. Ferrari tested Lambredi's idea and proved it to be successful. Lambredi was promoted to chief design engineer and Colombo returned to Alfa Romeo. The Lambredi engines were used by Ferrari in the ladder part of the 1950's.

One of the successes of the 158 came from the engine being very light, weighing only 362 pounds. The engine block was cast in Elektron, a type of magnesium, and consisted of two separate casting integrated with a common head, with dual overhead camshafts. The crankshaft was chrome nickel steel.

The super charger was a single-stage, Roots-type, that provided 17.6 psi of boost.

In 1946, the 158's were modified to meet Formula Libre regulations. The 158 now produced 254 horsepower.

In 1947, the 158/47 came about due to new regulations for the Formula 1 class. As a result, the horsepower rating was increased to over 300.

In 1951, Alfa Romeo modified the 158 and renamed it the 159. The engine was now producing 420 horsepower, which was sufficient enough to beat the 4.5 liter Ferrari's to score Juan Manuel Fangio a World Championship.

For the 1952 season the regulations were changed for the World Championship series which meant the 159 was now obsolete. Since they were only created in 1951, only 4 were produced.

The 159 was powered by a eight-cylinder engine with twin roots-type superchargers. The single-seater 1500 pound racer was able to propel to a top speed of nearly 200 mph.

The combined victories of the 158 and 159 equaled 33 with 26 of them being consecutive. Meaning it is the most successful Grand Prix racer.
By Daniel Vaughan | Oct 2005
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1951 Formula One Season
 HW MotorsHWM United Kingdom George Edgar Abecassis
United Kingdom Sir Stirling Moss 
 British Racing MotorsBRM United Kingdom Reginald Harold Haslam Parnell
United Kingdom William Kenneth 'Ken' Richardson
Germany Hans Stuck
United Kingdom Peter Walker 
 Pierre LeveghTalbot-Lago France Pierre Levegh 
 Joe KellyAlta Ireland Joe Kelly 
 Frederick Roberts GerardEra United Kingdom Frederick Roberts 'Bob' Gerard 
 Brian Shawe-TaylorEra United Kingdom Brian Shawe-Taylor 
 OSCA AutomobiliOsca Italy Franco Rol 
 Ecurie SiamMaserati Thailand Birabongse 'B. Bira' Bhanudej 
 Scuderia MilanoMaserati Spain Paco Godia
Spain Juan Jover
Argentina Onofre Marimón 
 Scuderia AmbrosianaMaserati United Kingdom David Murray 
 John JamesMaserati United Kingdom John James 
 Philip Fotheringham-ParkerMaserati United Kingdom Philip Fotheringham-Parker 
 Antonio BrancaMaserati Switzerland Antonio 'Toni' Branca 
 Francisco Sacco LandiFerrari Brazil Francisco Sacco 'Chico' Landi 
 Vandervell ProductsFerrari United Kingdom Reginald Harold Haslam Parnell
United Kingdom Peter Whitehead 
 Ecurie EspadonFerrari Switzerland Rudolf 'Rudi' Fischer
Switzerland Peter Hirt 
 Scuderia FerrariFerrari Italy Alberto Ascari
Argentina José Froilán González
Italy Piero Taruffi
Italy Luigi Villoresi 
 Peter WhiteheadFerrari United Kingdom Peter Whitehead 
 Alfa Romeo SpAAlfa Romeo
Gran Premio 159 
Italy Felice Bonetto
Switzerland Emmanuel 'Toulo' de Graffenried
Italy Luigi Fagioli
Argentina Juan Manuel 'El Chueco' Fangio
Italy Giuseppe 'Nino' Farina
Germany Paul Pietsch
Italy Consalvo Sanesi 
 Ecurie BelgeTalbot-Lago Belgium Johnny Claes 
 Philippe EtancelinTalbot-Lago Philippe Etancelin 
 Yves Giraud-CabantousTalbot-Lago France Yves Giraud-Cabantous 
 Ecurie RosierTalbot-Lago Monaco Louis Chiron
France Henri Louveau
France Louis Rosier 
 Ecurie BelgiqueTalbot-Lago France Guy Mairesse
Belgium André Pilette
Belgium Jacques Swaters 
 José Froilán GonzálezTalbot-Lago Argentina José Froilán González 
 Eugene ChaboudTalbot-Lago France Eugene Chaboud 
 Duncan HamiltonTalbot-Lago United Kingdom Duncan Hamilton 
 Georges GrignardTalbot-Lago France Georges Grignard 
 Equipe Simca-GordiniSimca France Jean Marie Behra
France Aldo Gordini
France Robert Manzon
France André Simon
France Maurice Bienvenu Jean Paul Trintignant 

1951 Season Review
RaceCircuitDateWinning DriverConstructor
Switzerland Swiss Grand Prix  BremgartenMay 1951 Argentina Juan Manuel 'El Chueco' FangioAlfa Romeo 
United States Indianapolis 500  IndianapolisMay 1951 United States Lee WallardKurtis 
Belgium Belgian Grand Prix  Spa-FrancorchampsJun 1951 Italy Giuseppe 'Nino' FarinaAlfa Romeo 
France French Grand Prix  Reims-GueuxJul 1951 Argentina Juan Manuel 'El Chueco' FangioAlfa Romeo 
United Kingdom British Grand Prix British Grand Prix SilverstoneJul 1951 Argentina José Froilán GonzálezFerrari 
Germany German Grand Prix  NürburgringJul 1951 Italy Alberto AscariFerrari 
Italy Italian Grand Prix Italian Grand Prix MonzaSep 1951 Italy Alberto AscariFerrari 
Spain Spanish Grand Prix  PedralbesOct 1951 Argentina Juan Manuel 'El Chueco' FangioAlfa Romeo 

Formula One World Drivers' Champions

1950 G. Farina
1951 J. Fangio
1952 A. Ascari
1953 A. Ascari
1954 J. Fangio
1955 J. Fangio
1956 J. Fangio
1957 J. Fangio
1958 M. Hawthorn
1959 S. Brabham
1960 S. Brabham
1961 P. Hill, Jr
1962 N. Hill
1963 J. Clark, Jr.
1964 J. Surtees
1965 J. Clark, Jr.
1966 S. Brabham
1967 D. Hulme
1968 N. Hill
1969 S. Stewart
1970 K. Rindt
1971 S. Stewart
1972 E. Fittipaldi
1973 S. Stewart
1974 E. Fittipaldi
1975 A. Lauda
1976 J. Hunt
1977 A. Lauda
1978 M. Andretti
1979 J. Scheckter
1980 A. Jones
1981 N. Piquet
1982 K. Rosberg
1983 N. Piquet
1984 A. Lauda
1985 A. Prost
1986 A. Prost
1987 N. Piquet
1988 A. Senna
1989 A. Prost
1990 A. Senna
1991 A. Senna
1992 N. Mansell
1993 A. Prost
1994 M. Schumacher
1995 M. Schumacher
1996 D. Hill
1997 J. Villeneuve
1998 M. Hakkinen
1999 M. Hakkinen
2000 M. Schumacher
2001 M. Schumacher
2002 M. Schumacher
2003 M. Schumacher
2004 M. Schumacher
2005 F. Alonso
2006 F. Alonso
2007 K. Raikkonen
2008 L. Hamilton
2009 J. Button
2010 S. Vettel
2011 S. Vettel
2012 S. Vettel
2013 S. Vettel
2014 L. Hamilton
2015 L. Hamilton
2016 N. Rosberg
2017 L. Hamilton

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