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1931 Studebaker Six

In 1925 the Standard Six nameplate replaced the Light Six name on the entry level Studebaker, model ER. The Standard Six was the most popular Studebaker in 1926. An interesting innovation of that year was the Duplex body style, which was one of the industry's first 'pillarless hardtops'. It was a four-door sedan with the B-pillars removed, making it lighter and a more airy feel inside. This style started to become popular much later, in the 1950s.

The Studebaker Erskin was introduced in 1927 as a small companion car, and it would continue into the 1930s. After May of 1930, the Erskine 53 became the Studebaker 53. It had vertical hood louvers in groups of three, a wheelbase that measured 114 inches, chrome plated metal parts, and an L-head six-cylinder engine offering 70 horsepower. They had 'S' logo hub caps and a Studebaker radiator nameplate.

The Studebaker Six Series 53, which had begun life as an Erskine, continued into 1931 with very few changes. The 1931 Series 53 cars had been built from July of 1930 to the end of the series production in November of 1930.

The Series 54 'Six' made the debut in January of 1931. This 'new' vehicle shared the same 114-inch wheelbase as its Series 53 sibling, but came with several updates, such as a larger radiator cap and a V-shaped radiator. The body styling was modified and brought its appearance in-line with other 1931 Studebakers. However, the Series 54 had round headlights and a unique dual bar bumper.

The Series 54 came standard with windshield wipers, tail and stop light, Lovejoy shock absorbers, ignition lock, speedometer, and gas gauge. The twenty-nine inch wire spoke wheels were standard on the Regal Landau, Regal sedan, and the Regal tourer. The other models came outfitted with 29-inch wood spoke wheels.

The Studebaker Six was the company's entry-level model for 1931. It featured Free Wheeling, which dropped the engine to idling speed when the throttle was released, and Pilot-Ray driving lights that turned with the front wheels.

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1931 Studebaker Six vehicle information


The 1931 Studebaker Model 54 Regal Roadster was introduced in February of 1931 at a base price of $795. This is one of six known in existence. This automobile was acquired in 1968 when the owner's father traded a 1935 Hudson for the Studebaker. He co....[continue reading]

1931 Studebaker Six vehicle information


This particular Roadster, which had a base price of $795 when new, was formerly part of the S. Ray Miller Museum collection in Elkhart, Indiana.....[continue reading]


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1931 Studebaker Six
1931 Studebaker Six Price Range: $823 - $9,012

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