2007 Chevrolet Cobalt


2007 Chevrolet Cobalt
The Cobalt lineup of premium, sporty compact cars offers more horsepower, features and accessories for the 2007 model year. Already a popular nameplate known for delivering affordable performance and refinement, Cobalt offers a high number of configurations as diverse as the customers who seek and buy small cars.

Cobalt's expressive design, dynamic driving experience and wide array of features appeal to a diverse audience – from those desiring a feature-packed, fuel-efficient, value-driven commuter to the youthful sport compact enthusiasts who view their car as a canvas for personalization. It has quickly earned a following by outperforming competitors in key areas including horsepower, features and value proposition. Cobalt sales in 2005 totaled more than 212,000 units.

For 2007, Chevy offers eight Cobalt models: the LS, LT, LTZ and SS sedan; and the LS, LT, SS and SS Supercharged coupe. This broad portfolio includes three different GM-proven Ecotec engines, ranging from 148 horsepower (110kW) to 205 horsepower (153 kW), three transmissions and three suspensions. The 2.2L and 2.4L Ecotecs get a slight horsepower increase for 2007.

This new model year Chevrolet Accessories provides Cobalt customers with an expanding range of personalization tools that include popular horsepower-boosting stage kits.

Cobalt features a strong foundation, rigid body structure, well-isolated chassis and low interior noise levels, thanks in part to the use of Quiet Steel laminated sheetmetal, a premium material not normally found on vehicles in the compact segment. The strong foundation also enhances occupant protection. Precise electric steering, tuned to each tire/wheel combination, further contributes to the dynamic driving experience.

T he Cobalt range of sedans offers stylish looks coupled with a comfortable ride. The Cobalt coupe design mimics the sedan from the A-pillar forward, but differs from the A-pillar rearward with a tapered reverse C-pillar that leads to Corvette-inspired four round taillamps. Several wheel options also are offered, including standard 15-inch wheels and available 16-inch, 17-inch and 18-inch wheels, all with unique designs.

Cobalt's exterior color palette for 2007 now includes a new Sport Red Tint.

Expressive design

2007 Chevrolet CobaltWith a rakish yet refined silhouette and excellent attention to detail, Cobalt has a stylish design that reflects its sporty, fun-to-drive character.

Available in coupe and sedan body styles, Cobalt features smooth and sleek exteriors with fast rooflines. Cobalt is light in the air, too, with a coefficient of drag of just 0.324 for both body styles. A myriad of subtle details, such as aircraft-style doors that integrate the door frames into the exterior surface for a tighter, flush fit, contribute to Cobalt's overall feeling of strength and solidity. Jewel-like headlamps and taillamps exude a premium appearance. The coupe features additional upscale cues, such as Corvette-inspired taillamps.

A sporty look for all models is achieved with a low-slung body and a curvaceous roofline; particularly in the coupe, which has tapered, reverse C-pillars that lead to Chevy's signature four round taillamps. Cobalt's other carefully executed design details include:

Monochromatic details on all models, including door handles, bumpers, grille, B-pillars and roof molding for a more finished look
Single-cavity headlamps with all forward lighting functions contained in the same unit (except foglamps)
Different fascias for sedans and coupes creates distinction in lineup
Chevy-signature horizontal grille bar and gold bowtie insignia for base, LS and LT models
Available stanchion-mounted rear spoiler
Available 16-inch high-vent steel wheels for LT
Available 18-inch high-polished wheels for SS Supercharged
Body-color ground effects fascias and rocker moldings for SS Supercharged
Front wheelhouse liners with molded-in mud/stone guards for LS and LT models
Nine available exterior colors
Dynamic driving experience and safety

From the outset, engineers designed Cobalt to be a responsive, fun-to-drive car. Cobalt's underbody uses high-strength steel as welded members in strategic locations for maximum strength, structural integrity, mass optimization and crashworthiness. The underbody boasts a rigid bending frequency of nearly 27 Hz.

All Cobalt models feature a strut-type front suspension, semi-independent torsion beam rear suspension, and front and rear stabilizer bars for more exact body roll control. Speed-sensitive electric power steering is tuned to match the performance levels of the various tire and suspension packages.

The Cobalt rides on a MacPherson strut front suspension and a semi-independent, torsion beam rear suspension. Front and rear stabilizer bars – uncommon features for compact cars in Cobalt's price range – are standard on all models. Suspension tuning for each model, including steering feel, spring rate and stabilizer bar diameter, is dialed in to provide distinct driving and handling characteristics. Three suspension settings are available:

FE1 suspension – standard on LS, LT and LTZ models, it provides a smooth ride and includes a 19-mm front stabilizer bar and a 16-mm rear stabilizer bar
FE3 suspension – standard and available only on SS models, it delivers a firmer, more direct ride and includes 22-mm front and rear stabilizer bars, four-wheel disc brakes, monotube shocks and 17-inch wheels and performance tires
FE5 suspension – standard on the SS Supercharged, it was developed on the racetrack to deliver sports car levels of handling and grip; 24-mm front stabilizer bar and 22-mm rear stabilizer bar, higher-rate springs and bushings, four-wheel disc brakes, monotube shocks and 18-inch forged aluminum wheels with complementing performance tires
Cobalt's strut-type front suspension is compact yet provides long wheel travel, with 90 mm of compression travel and 87 mm of rebound, which is substantially more than most competitors and enhances overall ride and handling. Monotube rear shocks are used for a more precise road feel. L-shaped front control arms contain a forward pivot bushing, which transmits most of the cornering force, and a larger, high-damped composite rear elastomeric bushing that allows rearward movement to minimize harshness from road surface impacts. The front control arms are made from steel on the FE1 suspension and are aluminum on the FE3 and FE5 suspensions.

The direct-acting front stabilizer bar connects to each strut for precise steering response and improved cornering agility with decreased body roll. All front suspension components are mounted to a new, rigid cradle assembly comprised of four large hydroformed steel tubes and two side members that are integrally welded to front and rear cross members. The cradle is mounted to the Cobalt's space frame at four widely spaced points.

Cobalt's torsion beam rear suspension provides excellent ride and handling, while maximizing interior space. A hydraulic rear suspension bushing is employed on the FE1 suspension to improve the ride and suppress road noise. Rear wheel travel, at 126.5 mm in jounce and 68.5 mm in rebound, is longer than most vehicles in the segment.

Vented front disc brakes with single-piston calipers and composite rear drum brakes are standard on LS, LT and LTZ. Four-wheel anti-lock brakes (ABS) are standard on LT and LTZ models, and optional on LS. Four-wheel disc brakes with ABS are standard on SS and SS Supercharged models. Cobalt also offers an enhanced electronic traction control system on all models equipped with an automatic transmission and ABS; this system is standard on LTZ.

Enhanced traction system (ETS) is integral with automatic-equipped Cobalts with ABS. ETS enhances traction by adjusting engine torque if wheel slip is detected.

Safety and security

The rigid body structure that lays the foundation of Cobalt's dynamic driving experience also reinforces occupant safety. In addition to the solid unibody structure, dual-stage frontal air bags are standard and side head curtain air bags are available. Front seat belt pretensioners, rear center shoulder belts and the LATCH child seat retention system are also standard.

Additional security is provided by the standard PASS-Key III Plus theft-deterrent system, which prevents vehicle operation if the right key is not used. Remote keyless entry and power door locks (not available on LS) provide lockout prevention, delayed locking and programmable operation.

Continuous safety is provided by OnStar. OnStar-equipped Cobalt models feature OnStar dual-mode (analog-digital) equipment. OnStar's digital equipment also includes enhanced hands-free voice recognition capabilities including more intuitive continuous digit dialing and improved voice recognition accuracy. OnStar is the leading provider of in-vehicle safety, security and information services in the Únited States and Canada . Úsing the GPS satellite network and wireless technology, OnStar features core safety services and OnStar Hands-Free Calling that allow drivers to make and receive voice-activated phone calls using an externally mounted antenna for greater reception.

The OnStar service standard on the 2007 Cobalt includes the General Motors Advanced Automatic Crash Notification (AACN) system (excluding SS models), making crash data available to the participating 911 centers to help them dispatch the appropriate live-saving personnel and equipment to crash scenes faster.

Plentiful powertrains

2007 Chevrolet Cobalt
Cobalt offers buyers a variety of segment-leading powertrain combinations that deliver distinct levels ranging from maximized economy to race-inspired performance. Cobalt's GM-proven Ecotec 2.2L and 2.4L engines receive slight horsepower increases for 2007.
The 2.2L engine of the LS, LT and LTZ models is rated at 148 horsepower (110 kW) at 5600 rpm* and 152 lb.-ft. of torque (260 Nm) at 4200 rpm.* Cobalt SS features a 2.4L engine rated at 173 horsepower (129 kW) at 6200 rpm* and 163 lb.-ft. of torque (221 Nm) at 4800 rpm.* The 2.0L SC engine of the Cobalt SS Supercharged produces 205 horsepower (153 kW) and 5600 rpm and 200 lb.-ft. of torque (272 Nm) at 4400 rpm.

All Cobalt engines are from the technically sophisticated Ecotec family. Each has distinct performance and hardware differences, but all share a basic all-aluminum architecture and construction that includes:

Dual overhead camshafts (DOHC) and four valves per cylinder
Twin counter-rotating balance shafts
Low-friction, roller-finger follower valvetrain with hydraulic lash adjusters
Zero-maintenance chain camshaft drive
Extremely compact dimensions and low mass
Direct mounting of all accessories to the engine structure to eliminate common sources of noise, vibration and harshness
Full circle transmission attachment is more rigid than most 4-cylinder powertrains for reduced noise and vibration
GM Oil Life System for optimum oil change frequency
No routine maintenance apart from oil/oil filter changes
Catalyst located close to the exhaust manifold to speed catalyst 'light-off' and reduce hydrocarbon emissions
Innovative cast-in oil filter housing eliminates crawling under the car to perform oil changes. The design also eliminates throwaway oil-filter 'cans' that retain used oil and typically end up in landfills
The Cobalt's standard transmission on LS, LT and SS is a Getrag F23 five-speed manual, known for smooth shifting. The F35 five-speed manual transmission in the SS Supercharged has a higher torque capacity than the manual transmission found in other Cobalt models. A short-throw shifter and 4.05:1 axle ratio complement the performance-oriented transmission and performance characteristics of the engine, giving the Cobalt SS Supercharged exhilarating acceleration.

Available on LS, LT and SS models and standard on LTZ is the Hydra-Matic 4T45 electronically controlled four-speed automatic transmission. (posted on conceptcarz.com) Like the standard F23 manual transmission, the 4T45 is renowned for its smooth and durable operation. In the Cobalt, this transmission uses full perimeter fastening directly to the engine block and oil pan to increase driveline stiffness, resulting in reduced noise and vibration. The 4T45 uses the new Dexron VI fluid and is 'filled for life,' meaning there is no scheduled maintenance required for the transmission under normal operating conditions.

Cobalt SS

2007 Chevrolet Cobalt
Cobalt SS invokes Chevy's performance heritage, and is part of a larger family of Chevy SS models. Highlights of the SS coupe and sedan models include:

2.4L Ecotec VVT four-cylinder with 173 horsepower (129 kW) and 163 lb.-ft. of torque (221 Nm)*
Standard five-speed manual transmission
Available Hydra-Matic 4T45 four-speed electronically controlled automatic transmission
Seventeen-inch alloy wheels and performance tires
Performance-tuned suspension
Standard four-wheel disc brakes with four-channel ABS system
SS-specific front and rear fascias, rocker moldings (similar to SS Supercharged)
SS exterior badging
SS-specific interior appointments, including instrument panel appearance and trim
Cobalt SS Supercharged Coupe

With impressive performance from its 205-horsepower (153 kW) 2.0L supercharged Ecotec engine, this compact powerhouse is at home on the racetrack as well as the street. The suspension was tuned at Germany 's Nurburgring racetrack.

At the heart of the Ecotec 2.0L SC is an Eaton M62 supercharger. Maximum supercharger boost pressure is 12 pounds per square inch (psi), and the system includes an air-to-water intercooler that cools the incoming air charge to increase intake-charge density, which in turn enhances power and reduces the engine's propensity to 'knock' at high boost levels.

Cobalt SS Supercharged achieves 0-60 mph in 6.4 seconds, and the quarter-mile in 14.9 seconds, with a top speed of 143 mph.

It features distinctive exterior and interior elements that also make it stand out from the crowd, including a high-mount spoiler, lower rocker extensions and fascias with one-inch extensions; as well as titanium-face gauges, A-pillar-mounted boost gauge and leather- appointed seats with perforated color-keyed inserts.

Interior refinement and comfort

2007 Chevrolet Cobalt
Separate trim levels for each Cobalt model provide distinction and a tailored appearance. In keeping with Cobalt's premium positioning, many features are standard, including air conditioning and electric rear defogger. New for 2007 is an AM/FM stereo radio and CD player with MP3 playback and auxiliary input jack; and driver information center.

Surprising amenities – such as an optional remote vehicle starter system new for 2007 (when an automatic transmission is ordered) – also lend an upscale feel to the Cobalt's interior, as many of the standard and available features aren't generally found within the vehicle's competitive set.

The available factory-installed remote vehicle starter system, which is new for 2007, is integrated with the remote keyless entry feature and allows the driver to get a head start on the car's interior heating and cooling from a range of up to 200 feet (61 m).

Additionally, Cobalt features plenty of interior comfort and flexibility, including easy access to the rear seat, 60/40 folding rear seats and interior access to the trunk area, as well as ample, versatile storage.

Available features include power sunroof, XM Satellite Radio (continental Ú.S. only), AM/FM stereo with six-disc in-dash CD player, MP3 playback and auxiliary input jack (new for 2007); seven-speaker Pioneer Premium Audio System and OnStar. Other interior highlights include:

Four trim levels for three Cobalt models: LS, LTZ and SS, three trim levels for LT
Height-adjustable three-spoke steering wheel (new for '07)
Adjustable front head restraints
Four cupholders in the center console; two for front-seat passengers, two for rear-seat passengers
Pivoting center armrest has contoured top to facilitate easy, comfortable manual shifting; interior of console holds five CDs
Numerous storage areas, including large, bin-like glove box
Únique gauge cluster with A-pillar boost gauge on SS Supercharged
Driver's foot rest
Height-adjustable driver's seat
Extensive applications of acoustic materials throughout
Cobalt interiors reflect a focus on ride comfort, with quality materials and stylish appointments throughout. The seats are designed to reflect the performance level of each model. Cloth bucket seats are standard on LS, while sport cloth seats with driver's lumbar adjuster are standard on LT and SS.

Leather-appointed heated seats with leather-trimmed steering wheel and shift knob are available on LT and SS, and standard on LTZ. Leather-appointed seats with color-keyed perforated inserts, recliners and driver's manual lumbar are standard on SS Supercharged. Racing-inspired, leather-accented Recaro bucket seats are available on the SS Supercharged when the Performance Package is ordered.

Get personal

Because Cobalt attracts such a diverse group of customers who define style in their own way, Chevrolet Accessories offers accessories and performance parts Cobalt owners can use to personalize their vehicles.
Customers can add some extra juice to the already powerful Cobalt SS coupe with Stage One and Stage Two supercharger kits, introduced in 2005. The Stage One kit includes higher-flow fuel injectors and an ECÚ calibration to provide 31 extra horsepower (for a total of 236 hp and 205 lb.-ft. of torque). Add the Stage Two kit, with its smaller supercharger pulley and shorter drive belt, and the engine kicks out 241 horsepower (180 kW) and 218 lb.-ft. (301 Nm) of torque.

In addition, owners canmake noise with a Cobalt-validated GM Performance Exhaust System, consisting of a semi-polished muffler constructed of T-304 stainless steel with mandrel-bent tubing. Choose the throaty purr of the Touring system or the aggressive growl of the Performance system. When properly installed, this system will comply with local and state ordinances.

Other Chevrolet Accessories available for Cobalt include highly polished chrome exhaust tips, a race-inspired, high-profile or more subtle lower-profile rear spoiler; and brushed aluminum pedals with raised rubber traction surfaces.

Source - GM

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