1974 Crossle 30-88

From the moment that John Crosslé stepped into his first 1172cc Ford Special on a chilly March morning in 1957, the cars that have come from the Crosslé factory have been to the fore of any motor racing competition in which they have been entered. Over the generations Crosslé's reputation spread across the globe, and hundreds of vehicles have emanated from the Rory's Wood factory with the distinctive dagger emblazoned on their nose cones. However, Crosslé's biggest contribution of all to motor racing has been probably less obvious.

Crosslé Formula Fords have always been the popular choice with racing schools because of their strength and quality of construction. Thousands of young hopefuls have had their first motor racing experience in a Crosslé and many of the famous names in the sport have progressed from those early exploits to fame and fortune. Included in this list are Nigel Mansell, Johnny Dumfries and John Watson, to name but a few!

Source - Crosslé

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