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1963 Chevrolet Corvette Rondine Pininfarina

The Second Generation of the Chevrolet Corvette was produced from 1963 through 1967. This version saw the introduction of the Sting Ray coupe and the distinctive split rear window and fake hood vents, along with an independent rear suspension. By 1963, horsepower had risen to an impressive 365 and to 375 horsepower by 1964. Performance was further heightened the following year, in 1965, with the addition of disc brakes and the 'big-block' engine option.

The Corvette experienced many evolutions over the years, in terms of design and performance. It also experienced an evolution in sales; when first introduced, sales were rather sluggish. As time progressed, sales gradually increased, reaching 10,000 units per year by 1960.

The C2 Corvette followed in the same basic principals of the C1 - it was built on a steel ladder chassis and clothed in a fiberglass body. Many other vehicles at this time were built using a unitary chassis construction which meant it difficult or impossible for coachbuilders to create their own custom and unique creations on this platform. The Corvette became a popular vehicle for European coachbuilders to work their craft. One of the more famous and popular coachbuilders was Pininfarina, who created a version called the Rondine Coupe which was prominently displayed at the 1963 Paris Motorshow. The car has remained in the ownership of Pininfarina since its creation. In 2008, the car was brought to the Barrett-Jackson Auction where it was offered for sale. It is a concept car that has seen very little use, been shown sparingly, and enjoyed single ownership since new. It is an attractive vehicle with many design features that would later make their way into the Fiat 124 Spyder. As the gavel fell at auction signaling new ownership, the car had traded hands for a cool $1.6 million, not including commission, taxes, and fees.

by Daniel Vaughan | Oct 2008

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1963 Chevrolet Corvette Rondine Pininfarina vehicle information

Coachwork: Pininfarina

Chassis Num: 30837S103720

In the early 1960s when many manufacturers were switching to a unitary chassis, the fiberglass-bodied Corvette was a popular subject for Europe's coachbuilders. At the 1963 Paris Auto Show, Pininfarina launched this Corvette-based, steel-bodied Rondi....[continue reading]

Coupe by Pininfarina
Chassis #: 30837S103720 

Concepts by Chevrolet

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