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2008 Alfa Romeo 8C Spider

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Alfa Romeo at Geneva's 78th International Car Show

Alfa Romeo once again unveils its new models onto the world market at the Geneva event. Indeed, following on from the Alfa 159 and Brera in 2005, the 159 Sportwagon and Spider in 2006, and its Personalisation Programme going by the name of 'Alfa Única' in 2007, it is now the turn of the alluring Alfa 8C Spider.

Úndisputed centre stage on the stand, this new car inherits its coupe sibling's winning formula that shook the motoring world. Put together by Alfa's Centro Stile and production limited to 500 cars, this new open top immediately entices with that unmistakable 'Italian elegance', a unique and inimitable style that hints at its typically sporty Alfa handling.

Únder the bonnet is a powerful 8 cylinder 4.7 litre engine producing 450 HP, matched to a 6 speed robotic gearbox, the new Alfa 8C Spider is truly beautiful, powerful and rock solid, where its gracious lines and dimensions gel perfectly with typical Alfa Romeo engineering and drive-ability. Needless to say, alongside this attractive Spider is the Alfa 8C Competizione, the epitome of Alfa Romeo's innovation in the fields of engines and engineering, heightened competitiveness and continuous technological research.

2008 Alfa Romeo 8C SpiderAnother star attraction is the new Alfa 147 Ducati Corse with its powerful 170 HP 1.9 JTDM engine and 'Q2' system. Produced as a limited edition, the Special Series was born from the successful collaboration of two of Italy's great marques, renowned the world over. This very car carries forward the partnership set up in 2006 between Alfa Romeo and Ducati Corse, a winning combination that exemplifies Italy's world famous motoring style and heritage. Just think back to last season's excitement in the 'SBK Superbike World Championship®' and, above all, to the 2007 MotoGP that saw young Casey Stoner lifting the crown. Furthermore, next season too will see the Australian champion endorsing the brand.

Returning to Geneva is also the 159 model – berlina and Sportwagon – with some new features in terms of style, design and performance. Two the displays on show: the 159 MY 08 with a powerful 3.2 V6 260 CV engine (for the first time with 'front-wheel traction') and the Alfa 159 Sportwagon MY 08 fitted with 2.4 JTDM 20v 200 CV and Q-Tronic gearshift. In the Swiss showroom the 2008 Brera and Spider range are also debuting. Renewed aesthetically and in the specifications, the two vehicles represent the 'natural evolution' of the coupè and spider in the new Alfa generation. In Geneva the public can admire an Alfa Spider MY 08 fitted with the brilliant 2.4 JTDM 200 CV and powerful automatic Q-Tronic gears. Also on display the Alfa Brera MY 08 – with front-wheel traction – blessed with a powerful 3.2 V6 with 24 valves and 6-speed gears. Both the cars are distinguishable by a red chassis and black upholstery on the dashboard and seats.

It is worth underlining that with these models - Alfa 159 MY 08 (Berlina and Sportwagon), Brera MY 08 and Spider MY 08 – debuts the new Electronic Q2 system. The Q2 has all the merits of front-wheel and 4x4 traction which noticeably raises road handling, traction, stability issue, and at the same time diminishing the understeer and steering-wheel displacement.

Concluding the selection is the GT Alfa in the Black Line III range. Fitted for the first time with a powerful 1.9 JTDM 170 CV that allows a top speed of 216km/h and a 0 to 100km/h in 8,2 seconds. Available as of next July, the powerful motor con be combined with a particulate trap (DPF). Furthermore, the vehicle uses the Torsen® self-blocking differential (called Q2) which has all the advantages of front-wheel traction, a solution offering greatly increased traction and driving pleasure, guaranteeing advantages typical of an integrated traction.

Alfa Romeo returns to Geneva's International Showroom with many automotive changes, for which it has chosen a stand with high visual impact. Made with special and innovative materials, the exposition area is distinguished by the refined contrast between smooth and opaque surfaces, as well as the alternating red, black and steel. The whole, united with the rigour and essentialness of the project, help create a refined atmosphere which accurately represents Italian technology and elegance.

With the distribution of informational material, and the setting-up of several totems on the stand, the public can discover the Fiat Group Automobiles Financial Services products. A 'captive' financial company born a year ago in the equal joint venture between Fiat Group Automobiles and Crédit Agricole. The company goes side to side with the Fiat Group Automobiles brand, in Italy and Europe, with a sole mission: back the sales of motor-vehicles with the brands Fiat, Alfa, Lancia, Fiat Professional and Abarth, via financial products which are innovative and complete with services of high added value, dedicated to the network of car dealerships, private clients and firms.

Source - Alfa Romeo

Alfa 8C Spider, a global preview

Debuting at Geneva showroom is the captivating Alfa 8C Spider. Like the Alfa 8C Competizione, the Gran Turismo which received resounding global praise; the new 'discovery' will be produced in a limited edition run of 500.

Elaborated by the Centro Stile Alfa Romeo, the new car re-affirms the brand's excellence in this sector, as shown by some Spider's being regarded among the most beautiful cars in global automotive history. Cars such as the Giulietta Spider from the 50's or the legendary Duetto made famous by 'The Graduate' from 1967 with a young Dustin Hoffman. Today, it's the Alfa 8C Spider's turn to take centre stage and project into the future the values of technology and emotion which belong to the Alfa Romeo legacy.

Obviously, the new vehicle inherits all the winning features of the Coupè version. Starting with the two 'sport seats' setup and the fascinating exterior lines, which characterized by sculpted and finely designed bodywork, 'dress' the automotive and mechanical excellence of the model.

2008 Alfa Romeo 8C SpiderIn detail, the marked dynamics of the vehicle are highlighted by the horizontal groove 'built' into the bonnet at wheel level. The oversize wheels and powerful 'muscles' of the rear mudguard accentuate the personality and force of the model, without diminishing the elegance of those fluid lines. Instead they highlight the formal beauty of the singular external features: the 'teardrop' fog lights set like a precious jewel in the front mudguard, the front Led lights, a synthesis of technology and rationality, and the essential door handle.

Furthermore, in the front we can find the characteristic Alfa Romeo stylings, with a new interpretaion of the 'whiskers' and shield. Without forgetting, that this innovative range anticipates the elements and proportions of the future Alfa Romeo cars, always with complete respect for the historical legacy of the brand.

It's worth underlining that to reach these top levels of areo-dynamic efficiency, solutions which don't limit themselves to the design of the form have been adopted on the Alfa 8C Spider. All the surfaces and profiles of the uprights and windows, together with the form and positioning of the rear-view mirrors, have been optimized using computer models and tests in wind tunnels and real-life environments. As a result, air flows round the vehicle following it's natural path, unhampered by corners and irregularities. The end result is a negative LC (lift coefficient) which like competition vehicles, contributes to stability at high speeds.

But the peculiarity of this vehicle, is the hooded top fitted with electro-hydraulic automatic control (controllable via a button on the dashboard). The hooded top of the Alfa 8C Spider is composed of two overlapping sheets: the external one is made with a multi-thread textile which can withstand the elements, whilst the interior has high sound-proofing qualities. Furthermore, the hooded roof-top, available in various colours, has been perfected aesthetically, aerodynamically and for acoustic comfort. It has also been perfected from a functional point of view, with specially developed film-reels to render more agile, rapid and secure any explanations of the functioning.
In the interior, the Alfa 8C Spider guarantees a sophisticated environment, thanks to the vast use of composite materials in the dashboard and internal panels, as well as the use of anatomical seats, produced in carbon fibres, that can be adjusted according to the physical characteristics of the driver (up to now, a feature only available to racing cars). Furthermore, for maximum possible personalization of the interior, the client can chose between different environments and aesthetic solutions. All distinguishable by the particular attention to detail and artisan workmanship: from the contrasting stitches, colour tone and exclusive matchings. The bucket seats are upholstered in Frau flower leather (an exclusive and innovative treatment of the weave, in which the leather is bound to a natural fibre, creating a look of great visual impact).

In analogous fashion to the interior, the same care has been taken in realizing the exteriors: from the alloy wheels to the brake calipers, every detail can be chosen to your particular design, because every Alfa 8C Spider can only look similar to itself. An unmistakable car made to measure for the owner's personality. The unique and un-repeatable Alfa 8C Spider announces the pleasure of a sporty drive with full respect for the brand's legacy.
Like in the best Alfa Romeo tradition, hidden under this pretty 'dress' is the best of what's available in the field of mechanics and propulsions. Firstly, the Alfa 8C Spider has a rigid and light structure (the compact frame is made in steel for maximum torsion to guarantee a drive which is always precise and sure, whilst the body is in carbon fibre). We are dealing with a choice motivated by the need to reduce as much as possible the weight but also to optimize the centre of gravity for agility and drive-ability in the more demanding journeys.

Still under the banner of sophisticated technology, the Alfa 8C Spider adopts the new '8 cylinder mated to a 5-speed gearbox with 90°' and a capacity of 4691 cm3 which has been designed with one specific aim: guarantee extraordinary performances without relinquishing the fluidity of the gearshift or the ease of use in any driving context. Like so, a powerful and progressive propulsion is born with a top power of 450 CV at 7.000 rpm and a maximum torque of 7.500 rpm. This engine has been mated to a self-shifting 6-speed gearshift (with computerized selection of the gears via levers behind the steering-wheel), and a self-blocking differential unit.

As in the legendary Formula 1 vehicles from the 50's, the Alfa 8C Spider sports the Transaxle design which guarantees the best equilibrium in the partioning of weight. The propulsion is placed in the rear whilst the gearshift is placed behind along the differential and hydraulic motor unit. The Transaxle design foresees a tight connection between motor and gearshift, which is fitted with a self-blocking differential. The two groups are linked by a tubular element, at the interior of which rotates the transmission driving shaft: in this manner the load is distributed in an optimal manner between the front and rear suspension.

2008 Alfa Romeo 8C Spider
So much power can only be entrusted to an excellent braking system: the Alfa 8C Spider is fitted with carbo-ceramic Brembo (CCM), 380 mm in diameter on the front-wheels and 360 mm on the back-wheels. This solution guarantees a powerful brake action even in the most intense uses. The marked reduction in weight, in comparison to a traditional set-up, reduces the masses unsupported by the vehicle and so improves the dynamic performance and driving comfort. Furthermore, the mono-block calipers guarantee maximum rigidity and minimal deformation, given the high loads generated by the pressure of the pistons on the brake-linings.

Therefore, the Alfa 8C Spider 'declares itself Alfa' all the way, confirming control and driving pleasure with no compromises. Since always, gear comfort and dynamic performance are qualities specific to Alfa Romeo cars: in this case they have become veritable strong points. Thanks to for example, the suspensions which foresee a high wishbone suspension with brackets and uprights in forged aluminium, that act as a supplementary strut for alignment control.

Contributing also to the brilliant road control are specially developed 20' tyres to insure excellent performance, the tyres have a: 245/35 front-suspension and a rear-suspension of 285/35. Fitted on perforated rims in fluid moulded aluminium to ensure lightness and maximum brake ventilation efficiency. Lastly, the Alfa 8C Spider uses an evolved VDC Alfa Romeo traction and stability system, which ensures the driver feels at one with his car.

Source - Alfa Romeo

The first Alfa 8C Competizione arrives in the States

The first Alfa 8C Competizione destined for the ÚS market has arrived in Connecticut (ÚSA). The handover ceremony took place at 'Miller Motorcars' where the owner picked up the glamorous car: his name is James Glickenhaus and he is one of the greatest car collectors in the world.

Glickenhaus declared himself particularly proud of being the first American customer to receive an Alfa Romeo. Immediately after the official handover of the keys, the customer carried out a road test in order to appreciate the main technical and dynamic features of his Alfa 8C Competizione.

With a limited production of five hundred units, the supercar has been designed by Centro Stile Alfa Romeo (the Alfa Romeo Style Centre) and is remarkable for its moulded surfaces that are the ideal attire for Alfa Romeo's engineering and mechanical excellence: a slender line that expresses all the beauty of a veritable piece of poetry in motion that harks back to the brand's glorious past while also carrying forward its attributes of engineering and emotion into the future.

2008 Alfa Romeo 8C SpiderThe Alfa 8C Competizione is equipped with a mighty 4.7 litre 8 cylinder engine that develops 450 bhp, teamed with a 6 speed robotised gearbox and immediately turns heads due to its unmistakable Italian elegance, an absolutely unique and unrepeatable style that promises the satisfaction of a sporty drive with full respect for Alfa Romeo tradition.

The other 84 examples of the Alfa 8C Competizione destined for ÚS clients will have been delivered by the end of the year.

Source - Alfa Romeo

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