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2010 Bentley Continental GT Speed

Bentley Marbella presents the new Bentley Continental GT Speed

Marbella, 17th September - C. de Salamanca, authorised Bentley dealer in Marbella, presented the latest Bentley model, the Continental GT Speed, as a highlight during the Laguna Village Polo 2007 event held at the Polo Club Santa María (Sotogrande) on 15th September, with teams from Bentley Motors Marbella, Styger & Partner AG Wealth Management, Switzerland, and Laguna Village. The Styger & Partner AG team went on to win the tournament, Bentley Motors Marbella and Laguna Village took second and third place, respectively.

Throughout the tournament, everyone had the chance to admire Bentley Motors' alluring new model, the Bentley GT Speed. This coupe has the distinction of being the most powerful car yet to be produced by the British company, with an impressive 610PS delivered by the renowned twin-turbocharged W12 engine from the regular Continental. The acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.5 seconds easily places the GT Speed in the select class of high-performance sports cars, with a stunning maximum speed of 326 km/h.

This latest addition to the Bentley family was designed closely along the lines of the Continental GT and has received great praise for its distinctive muscular, elegant form. It has enhanced the concept of the contemporary GT coupe, with an eye to the future yet loyal to the legacy of Bentley design. The style of the GT has aroused great interest among customers. Bentley has created a car worthy of becoming a design icon of our times.

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New 600bhp Continental GT Speed extends the worldwide appeal of Bentley's iconic GT coupe

2010 Bentley Continental GT Speed
- The most powerful production Bentley ever and the first to top 200mph.
- Inspired by Bentley's legendary ‘Speed' models of the1920s.
- A harder-edged, more sporting Bentley driving experience.
- Builds on the success of Bentley's iconic Continental GT coupe.2010 Bentley Continental GT Speed

2010 Bentley Continental GT Speed
The Continental GT Speed is the most powerful production Bentley ever and the first to top 200mph (322km/h). A potent addition to the company's highly successful Continental series, the GT Speed extends the appeal of the Continental GT coupe to driving enthusiasts who place a high value on outright performance and agile handling.

2010 Bentley Continental GT Speed
The exterior style of the new Continental GT and GT Speed models is defined by a wider, lower air intake and more upright radiator grille that also provide increased airflow to the more powerful GT Speed. Its 600bhp (610PS) W12 engine develops 15 percent more torque and nine percent more power than the standard Continental GT, while engine efficiency is optimised by the use of lower friction, lighter-weight components and a new engine management system. The resultant performance is exceptional, with a top speed of 202mph (326km/h), a zero to 60mph sprint time of just 4.3 seconds (0-100km/h in 4.5s) and effortless overtaking capability.

Complementing the Continental GT Speed's high performance is its unique chassis tune that delivers tauter handling and improved agility, with new, wider 9.5J 20-inch wheels and bespoke performance tyres as standard fitment. Fade-resistant carbon ceramic brakes are available as an option. Subtle design touches, including a dark-tinted front grille and larger sports tailpipes, reinforce the sporting character of the Continental GT Speed.

Inspiration for the GT Speed came from the legendary ‘Speed' models that first appeared in 1923. The standard Bentley 3-litre had already established Bentley's engineering superiority in terms of roadholding, handling and braking, but W.O. Bentley, the company's founder, recognised the market potential for a more potent version aimed at the enthusiast driver who demanded superior performance. His response, the 3-litre ‘Speed Model', complete with twin SÚ carburettors and a higher compression ratio engine, became one of the most coveted of all Bentleys.

Both the GT Speed and the 552bhp (560PS) Continental GT benefit from internal efficiency improvements to deliver reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. The Continental GT remains outstandingly quick – its top speed is unchanged at 198mph (318km/h), with a 0-60mph sprint time of 4.6 seconds (0-100km/h in 4.8s).

The all-wheel drive Continental GT changed the face of the luxury coupe market and attracted a wider audience to the Bentley marque. It also represented the first step in Bentley's renaissance, positioning the company at the pinnacle of both technology and consumer aspiration. Since its launch, demand for a sportier version of the Continental GT was met by the successful introduction of the 2005 GT Mulliner Driving Specification and the limited edition GT Diamond Series in 2006, to celebrate 60 years of Bentley at Crewe. Now, with the launch of the Continental GT Speed, customers will enjoy even greater choice. Bentley Chairman and Chief Executive Dr Franz Josef-Paefgen welcomes the expansion of the Continental GT model offering:

Vital Stats and Specifications
Vital Stats
Engine : 6.0 L., 12-cylinder
Power: 600 hp
Torque: 553 ft-lbs

6-speed Automatic
'The Continental GT is a highly successful, modern-day Bentley icon. The new GT Speed, with its harder-edged character and sportier driving experience, builds on this success.'

New Continental GT Series – News in Brief
- The most powerful Bentley production car ever, its highly efficient W12 engine delivers 600bhp (610PS/449kW) and 553lb ft (750Nm):
o A nine percent increase in power and 15 percent increase in torque.
- Top speed of 202mph (326km/h).
- 0-60mph in 4.3 seconds (0-100km/h in 4.5s).
- 0-100mph in 10.3 seconds (0-160km/h in 10.2s).
- Effortless overtaking performance: 50-70mph in just 2.3 seconds (80-120km/h in 3.0s).
- CO2 emissions reduced by 3.5 percent to 396 g/km, with a similar reduction in fuel consumption as a result of improved engine efficiency.
- Harder-edged, more sporting driving experience through enhanced chassis:
o Lowered ride height, uprated spring/damper settings and uprated anti-roll bars for improved agility and body control.
o New levels of roadholding thanks to superior grip from unique 9.5Jx20 wheels with bespoke Pirelli P-Zero performance tyres.
o Improved steering response achieved through retuned speed-sensitive Servotronic system, solid-mounted front subframe and stiffer rear bushings.
- ‘Dynamic' mode introduced on the uprated Bosch 8.1 ESP system with more progressive intervention to cater for the more spirited driver.
- Subtle styling modifications distinguish the Continental GT Speed from the Continental GT:
o Front grille and lower air intakes in dark-tinted chrome matrix.
o Wider rifled sports exhaust tail pipes.
o Mulliner Driving Specification (also available as an option on the Continental GT) includes:
§ Drilled alloy sport foot-pedals, knurled chrome/hide gearlever
§ Diamond quilted hide to seat facings, doors and rear quarter panels.
Continental GT
- Power output of the standard W12 engine remains at 552bhp (560PS) but benefits from internal efficiency improvements for a reduction in C02 emissions of 3.5 percent to 396 g/km, with a similar reduction in fuel consumption.
- Top speed is unchanged at 198mph (318km/h), with a 0-60mph time of 4.6 seconds (0-100km/h in 4.8s).
- Improved ride comfort thanks to addition of new low-friction dampers.
- In combination with the all-wheel drive system, the uprated ESP 8.1 with new ‘Sport Traction' mode ensures superb traction, without being intrusive.
- Distinctive, classic Bentley ‘B' brake pedal.

Both models
- 35kg (77lb) reduction in kerb weight due primarily to optimisation of suspension and cooling system components.
- Increased use of aluminium parts in suspension benefits steering feel and rolling comfort.
- Revised Servotronic power steering gives improved feel and feedback.
- Optional fade-resistant carbon ceramic brakes provide improved brake feel (only available on 20-inch wheels).
o Discs will last lifetime of car and pad life is doubled (in normal driving conditions).
- New, more upright front grille and larger lower air intakes give improved airflow, to aid engine cooling.
- Chromed headlamp bezels.
- Two new exterior paint colours (Cumbrian Green and Granite).
- Two new leather hide colours (Newmarket Tan and Cumbrian Green).
- The new Continental GT and GT Speed are available to order from August 2007.

Engine enhancements for all Continental GT models
At the heart of both Continental GT models is the Bentley 6-litre, twin turbocharged W12 engine, the most compact 12-cylinder engine in production. The 48-valve head employs four camshafts and continually variable valve-timing. Power is transmitted via a ZF six-speed automatic transmission. (posted on

A host of engine and transmission enhancements have been introduced on the 552bhp (560PS) Continental GT to enhance both the refinement and efficiency of this high technology powertrain. These include:
o New crankcase design to reduce internal losses.
o More efficient catalyst and exhaust system for improved emissions.
o Lighter weight single chain drive for camshaft.
o New engine management system and faster response cam sensor.

For the Continental GT, the engine continues to produce 552bhp (560PS / 412kW) at 6100 rev/min and a maximum torque of 650Nm (479lb ft) from1600 rev/min. The twin, low-inertia turbochargers are a key factor in producing the flat torque curve, characteristic of every Bentley.

A new higher output of the W12 engine is specified for the GT Speed, sharing engine efficiency improvements with the GT model. New lighter weight con rods enhance engine response, while new pistons, with anodised compression ring grooves, are designed to withstand increased cylinder pressures. Together with a recalibrated version of the new engine management system, the GT Speed develops nine percent more power than the GT - 600bhp (610PS) at 6000 rev/min. The maximum torque of 750Nm (553lb ft) at 1750 rev/min represents an increase of over 15 percent versus the standard engine. As a result, the GT Speed becomes the first production Bentley to top 200mph (322km/h), with a V-max of 202mph (326km/h).

Both the Continental GT Speed and GT models now produce lower CO2 emissions of 396g/km, down from 410g/km, an improvement of 3.5 percent. Fuel consumption is improved by a similar amount.

Brian Gush, Director, Chassis and Powertrain, says the two new models offer something for every Bentley enthusiast:

'The Continental GT will continue to be the benchmark for the luxury coupe class, offering an unrivalled blend of performance and refinement. The new Continental GT Speed is a true driver's car with immense power and superb handling.'

The advanced ZF 6HP26 six-speed automatic gearbox has the ability to lock up its torque converter during normal driving conditions replicating the immediacy of a manual transmission while maintaining the smoothness of an automatic. A manual override function allows clutchless manual changes via the gearlever or steering wheel paddles.

Source - Bentley

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