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1970 Chevrolet Corvette C3

During the 1970 Corvette production year, the small block 350-cubic-inch engine was offered. It generated 370 horsepower. The displacement on the 'Big Block' was increased to 454 cubic-inches, which now offered a 390-425 horsepower rating in the LS5 version.

The ZR1 and ZR2 package was offered to satisfy the buyers who wanted a vehicle they could race. These vehicles were stripped of radios, power steering, power windows, and air conditioning. The ZR2 used the LS6 454 cubic-inch engine, of which only 12 were purchased. The ZR1, based on the LT1, was purchased by eight buyers.

During 1970, Congress passed the Clean Air Bill in the National Environmental Policy Act due to oil embargos and increasing government regulations about the fuel. This established regulations specifying fuel economy and emissions standards. By doing so, the big block faced extinction due to standards it could never meet. Toxic emissions were to be cut by 90 percent for all engines in less than six years.

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In 1953 the Corvette was introduced at the Motorama display at the Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York City. It was conceived by Harley J. Earl. It was a two seat convertible built by GM aimed at capturing the small car market from manufacturers like Jaguar and MG. All 1953 Corvettes were convertibles with black canvas tops, Polo white with red interiors, and built by hand. Power came from an existing....
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Very few vehicles elicit the same kind of satisfaction as the Chevrolet Corvette. The ‘Vette is a symbol of childhood dreams and grown up triumph. The only true American Sports car, this car stands for excellence and became an icon as a high-performance and dynamic sports vehicle. First introduced in January of 1953, the Corvette has only become more renowned as the years drift by. Undergoing many....
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Chevrolet Corvette Roars Into Its 60th Year

On June 30, 1953, the first of a new kind of Chevrolet – indeed, a new kind of American car – rolled off an assembly line in Flint, Mich. The car had only two seats. There were no roll-up windows, or exterior door handles, for that matter. Its body wasnt stamped from steel but, rather, molded from reinforced fiberglass. While the postwar Baby Boom was in full swing, this was definitely not....
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Corvette's Chassis Innovations Refined on the Race Track

Its been said that racing improves the breed, and when it comes to the Chevrolet Corvette, nearly six decades of checkered flags are the proof. As Corvette marks its 60th anniversary in 2013, the design of the chassis, suspension and other drivetrain features are rooted in the rigors of competition. Candidly, Corvette was not a high-performance car until Zora Arkus-Duntov fitted it with a V-8,....
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Chevrolet puts a groove into your ride

Hot summer day… roof top down… wind in your hair … smile in your face… and Little Red Corvette cranked up to its loudest setting. Theres nothing like music in the car to make a journey really fly by. But, did you know that, aside from Princes classic hit, more than 600 songs across all genres and multiple generations mention Chevrolet, Chevy or the name of a Chevrolet vehicle in their....
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1970 Vehicle Profiles

1970 Chevrolet Corvette C3 vehicle information


New for the 1970 CS Corvette model year was Chevrolet's production 350 LT-1 small0block V8 with a factory quoted 370 horsepower from a 4-bolt main block, high lift cam, aluminum intake and other 'hot rod' parts. Motor Trend found that it could....[continue reading]


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1970 Corvette C3
1970 Chevrolet Corvette C3 Price Range: $5,130 - $5,470

$2,725 - $3,888

Model Year Production

1975Chevrolet (1,755,773)Toyota (1,714,836)Ford (1,569,608)1,755,773
1974Chevrolet (2,333,839)Ford (2,179,791)Renault (1,355,799)2,333,839
1973Chevrolet (2,579,509)Ford (2,349,815)Fiat (1,390,251)2,579,509
1972Chevrolet (2,420,564)Ford (2,246,563)Fiat (1,368,216)2,420,564
1971Ford (2,054,351)Chevrolet (1,830,319)Volkswagen (1,128,784)1,830,319
1970Ford (2,096,184)Chevrolet (1,451,305)Volkswagen (1,193,853)1,451,305
1969Chevrolet (2,092,947)Ford (1,826,777)Volkswagen (1,241,580)2,092,947
1968Chevrolet (2,139,290)Ford (1,753,334)Volkswagen (1,191,854)2,139,290
1967Chevrolet (2,206,639)Ford (1,730,224)Toyota (1,068,321)2,206,639
1966Ford (2,212,415)Chevrolet (2,206,639)Volkswagen (1,168,146)2,206,639
1965Chevrolet (2,375,118)Ford (2,170,795)Volkswagen (1,174,687)2,375,118

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