1930 Oldsmobile Model F-30

The 1930 Oldsmobile was available in a single model called the Model F-30 but could be purchased in three different trim levels consisting of the Base, Special, and Deluxe. The Special package added bumpers, a folding trunk rack and sidemounted spare tires while the Deluxe Package had bumpers, sidemounted wire wheels, folding trunk rack and chrome-plated headlight shells. Body styles included a roadster, coupe, Sport Coupe, 2- and 4-door sedan, and 4-door touring. Pricing began at just under $900 for the coupe and 2-door sedan. The most popular body style was the 4-door sedan which accounted for 19,087 sales. During the year, Oldsmobile sales totaled nearly 50,000 vehicles.

Powering the Model F-30 was an inline six-cylinder engine displacing 197 cubic-inches and offering 62 horsepower. The engine was mated to a three-speed selective sliding gearbox with floor mounted controls. In the front were Bendix three-shoe brakes with the back having external contracting brakes.

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1930 Oldsmobile Model F-30
1930 Oldsmobile Model F-30 Price Range: $900 - $9,709

Model Year Production

1935Ford (820,253)Chevrolet (548,215)Plymouth (350,884)126,768
1934Ford (563,921)Chevrolet (551,191)Plymouth (321,171)79,814
1933Chevrolet (486,261)Ford (334,969)Plymouth (298,557)36,673
1932Chevrolet (313,404)Ford (210,824)Plymouth (186,106)19,239
1931Chevrolet (619,554)Ford (615,455)Buick (138,965)47,316
1930Ford (1,140,710)Chevrolet (640,980)Buick (181,743)49,994
1929Ford (1,507,132)Chevrolet (1,328,605)Buick (196,104)97,395
1928Chevrolet (1,193,212)Ford (607,592)Willys Knight (231,360)84,635
1927Chevrolet (1,001,820)Ford (367,213)Buick (255,160)82,955
1926Ford (1,669,847)Chevrolet (547,724)Buick (266,753)53,015
1925Ford (1,669,847)Chevrolet (306,479)Dodge (201,000)19,506

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