1960 Porsche 356 Carrera GS / GT

Porsche quickly built a reputation for their lightweight sports and racing cars. The cars were at home on both the road and the track. For the demanding tracks around the world, Porsche built vehicles that offered even greater performance. This included the 356 B GS/GTs, with total production reaching a mere 49 units. They were given the powerful four-cam Carrera engines which had been used in the racing 550 Spyders. Porsche engineer Ernst Fuhrmann designed these air-cooled powerplants and fitted them with four camshafts.

Porsche used the 1500 GS, which had been introduced at the 1955 Frankfurt Auto Show, as the basis for the 356 Carrera GS/GT which were introduced beginning in 1955. The GS 'Carrera De Luxe / Grand Sport' designation was used for the road going versions while those intended for the track were bestowed with the GT initials. The 1,498 cubic-centimeter engine developed 100 horsepower and they had a dry weight of just 820 kilograms. Steady development of the four-cam, dry-sump engines from the racing department saw the largest variant producing upwards of 180 horsepower by the time production came to a close in 1965.

Along with the more potent powerplant, the GS/GT were given aluminum doors, hoods, and deck lids. To reduce weight even further, they had lightened bumpers and Plexiglas side and rear windows. There was no heater, no sound deadening material, no undercoating, a sports exhaust, lightened bumper brackets, aluminum components, and simple door panels. In the front were brakes sourced from the 550RS units that were 10mm thicker and cooling scoops. In the back, the torsion bars were modified to give one degree of negative camber.

At the 1957 edition of the 12 Hours of Reims, von Hanstein and Hild raced Carrera GTs with 1529cc engines to class victories, finishing sixth and seventh overall. Claude Storez raced the GT to overall victory at the Liege-Rome-Liege rally in 1957. He later placed fifth overall with the car at the Tour de France.

Near the close of 1958, Porsche offered the new T2 body style. Bodystyles included both a Coupe and a Speedster. Exterior differences included an opening for the fuel filler cap on the front hood, and louvers on the rear deck lid. Other features included an improved transmission, modified front spindles, two-piece wheels with allow insert, aluminum trim strips for the bumpers, bucket seat frames made from aluminum, and a larger steering box.

Over the years, Porsche has used the name 'Carrera' for several models fitted with various displacement engines. The name was sourced from the 550's success in Mexico's Carrera Panamerican. This was one of the most grueling and demanding endurance contents.

by Daniel Vaughan | Apr 2019

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1960 Vehicle Profiles

1960 Porsche 356 Carrera GS / GT vehicle information


In the early 1950's, no competitive event was more demanding than the grueling boarder-to-boarder Mexican road race known as the Carrera Panamericana. When it came time for Porsche to designate models intended for race performance, the selection of t....[continue reading]

1960 Porsche 356 Carrera GS / GT vehicle information


Chassis Num: 110849

This Carrera GT #110849 is one of 34 four-cam equipped GTs manufactured in 1960/61 as Porsche's answer to F.I.A. and SCCA homologation requirements for racing. The GT variant of the 356 street car was the result of Porsche commissioning Reuter Body ....[continue reading]

1960 Porsche 356 Carrera GS / GT vehicle information


The Carrera 2 GS-GT was a 356B with modifications that made it suitable for the racing circuit and rallies, as well as suitable for road use. It was based on the production 356B T-6 chassis and modified by the Porsche factory competition department. ....[continue reading]

Chassis #: 110849 

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