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2001 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

All-New Chevy TrailBlazer Delivers Strength, Power, Security and Ride Quality

The 2002 Chevrolet TrailBlazer is an all-new, completely redesigned, reengineered midsize sport utility vehicle that delivers unequaled strength and durability far beyond the demands of everyday life.

'This is an authentic SÚV designed to exceed the expectations of the most active, adventurous adults and families wîth its outstanding strength, power, security and ride quality,' said Russ Clark, TrailBlazer brand manager.

The TrailBlazer comes available as a four-door model in either two-wheel-drive or Autotrac® four-wheel-drive versions in three trim levels: LS, LT and LTZ.

The TrailBlazer's strength is exemplified in its completely new frame and chassis. The hydroformed frame gives it exceptional toughness, best-in-class structural stiffness and optimal isolation from road vibrations and noise.

TrailBlazer's power derives from its all-new high-tech inline six-cylinder 24-valve Vortec 4200 engine. The Vortec 4200 has more power than any V8 in its class – yet provides the fuel efficiency of a six-cylinder.

The stiff body structure contributes to TrailBlazer's peace of mind. This is backed up by its four-wheel vented disc brake system wîth standard four-wheel anti-lock braking (ABS). Security is also provided by TrailBlazer's dual-level air bags for both the driver and front-seat passenger, as well as seat-mounted side-impact thorax air bags. If the air bags deploy, TrailBlazer's OnStar® Communications system, available on the LS model and standard on the LT and LTZ models, will automatically summon emergency assistance. And for security in minor parking lot bumps, TrailBlazer has best-in-class performance in five-mph bumper damageability measures.

The ride quality is delivered through its all-new suspension system and hydraulic power-assisted rack-and-pinion §teering. Both systems provide superior ride quality that consumers increasingly demand ... both on- and off-road. One of the widest tracks in the midsize §egmènt helps add stability to the ride for added driving security.

Bigger and BetterThe 2002 Chevy TrailBlazer is bigger, wider and roomier than the Blazer, delivering more power yet comparable fuel economy.

With an overall length of 191.6 vs. 183.3 inches and a width of 74.7 vs. 67.8 inches, the new four-door TrailBlazer is 8.3 inches longer and 6.9 inches wider than the Blazer and matches up favorably wîth other midsize competitors.

Power and Performance

The all-new, all-aluminum 24-valve, Vortec 4200 Inline six-cylinder engine has the power, capability and smoothness of a premium V8, the fuel efficiency of a six-cylinder, and the highest standard towing capacity in its class.

It features dual overhead camshafts, a first in a GM Truck engine, and multi-valve technology to produce an outstanding 270 horsepower and 275 lb-ft of torque. It also features a dramatically extended torque curve wîth 90 percent of peak torque available from 1,600 to 5,600 RPMs, making TrailBlazer's power consistent in most driving situations.

The Vortec 4200 gives the TrailBlazer impressive towing capabilities wîth a trailering capacity of 6,400 lbs wîth two-wheel-drive models and 6,200 lbs for four-wheel-drive models.

The technologically advanced componentry in the state-of-the-art Vortec 4200 and the inherent balance of an inline design compliments the engine's impressive power and provides an extremely quiet and smooth engine, both at idle and under acceleration. In fact, it is so quiet a 'starter-interrupt' feature was included to prevent drivers from grinding the starter by turning the key when the engine is already running.

Ride and Handling – No Compromises

The TrailBlazer was designed for smoothness and responsiveness under varying load and road conditions. This ride capability was made possible by a number of important advances in the completely new chassis and redesigned frame:

• The TrailBlazer's body is best-in-class in terms of stiffness wîth a 23-Hertz rating, providing optimal isolation from road vibrations and noise;

• An all-new, advanced suspension system makes the ride smooth and comfortable on practically any road surface wîth any cargo load. The system consists of a world-class independent front suspension and five-link, solid-axle rear suspension;

• Steering is precise and responsive from the hydraulic power-assisted rack-and-pinion system; and,

• Even though the wheelbase is 6 inches longer than the Blazer, the new suspension and inline engine configuration allow a 40-degree wheel-turn angle for a tighter turning circle (36.4 ft).

Four-wheel vented disc brakes wîth four-wheel anti-lock braking (ABS) provide outstanding performance levels of brake pedal 'feel,' wear resistance and noise reduction:

• Two-wheel-drive models come available wîth traction control to reduce acceleration slip on snowy surfaces, while four-wheel-drive models boast Autotrac standard wîth automatic 4WD for shiftless convenience on four-wheel-drive models; and,

• The longer wheelbase, wider track, 16-inch aluminum wheels and BFGoodrich tires designed specifically to meet Chevrolet's demanding specifications are other important contributors to the TrailBlazer's superior safety, stability and ride and handling characteristics. Seventeen-inch aluminum wheels and tires are standard on the LTZ model.

Exterior & Interior

TrailBlazer's appeal begins wîth its overall styling. It's the distinctive face of Chevy Trucks ... sporty, aggressive and contemporary. More than 70 percent of the exterior panels are unique to the TrailBlazer including front fenders, hood, grille, rear doors and rear quarter panels.

The interior is open and airy wîth twin-cockpit look and feel. Measurements are spacious in nearly every area, including front and rear legroom, shoulder and hip room and rear storage. In fact, there is more front seat headroom and hip room than the new Ford Explorer. In addition, wîth the rear seats in the down position, the rear compartment has more than 80 cubic feet of storage space.

Other interior features include:

• Standard, new dual-zone heating ventilation air conditioning (HVAC) system – so efficient there can be a 25-degree difference between the driver and front-seat passenger side – and automatic climate control wîth rear seat controls on upscale models. The HVAC system also puts out 300 cubic feet of air per minute – that's enough power to cool an entire house;

• Rear-seat audio controls are also available and, for increased safety of the center rear-seat passenger, a new three-point safety belt has been added;

• Next-generation OnStar is a standard feature on all but the LS model (available). This GM innovation includes emergency assistance wîth remote location, remote unlocking and diagnostics, emergency assistance when air bags deploy, and available services like hands-free calling and e-mail, as well as the concierge services;

• Available comprehensive personalization and memory features include auto power door locks, remote keyless entry, power-heated outside rearview mirrors, power driver seat positions, dual-zone climate control and select stereo settings;

• Available Driver Message Center provides vital vehicle functions and trip computer operation at the touch of a button. The center can easily be personalized for two primary drivers of the vehicle and can perform in six different languages;

• Available Bose® Stereo System features digital technology, six speakers and a CD system. An in-dash, six-disc front-loading changer is available for convenient loading compared to remote-mounted changers, along wîth the versatility of dual playback CD and cassette players; and,

• Redundant §teering-wheel mounted controls are also available to allow the driver to keep his or her hands on the wheel while changing stations, adjusting the volume, changing the heating/AC setting and more.

2002 Chevy TrailBlazer Delivers What Midsize Buyers Want Most
The TrailBlazer's distinctive styling helps demonstrate the strength of a Chevy Truck. Back this styling up wîth the most available horsepower in the §egmènt, the security of exclusive GM features like OnStar and an unsurpassed ride quality in a variety of conditions and the result is the 2002 TrailBlazer.

'The 2002 TrailBlazer is an all-new SÚV perfectly suited for active people lòòking for a versatile vehicle that accommodates both their everyday functional needs and their many leisure-time activities,' Clark §äid.

'First and foremost, TrailBlazer is a Chevy Truck wîth a heritage of being most dependable and longest-lasting.'

Source - Chevrolet

2002 TrailBlazer Offers Chevy Truck Toughness in a Rugged-Looking, Versatile SUV

One look at the 2002 TrailBlazer clearly proclaims this all-new midsize sport utility vehicle as an authentic Chevy Truck that excels in the four key attributes customers want most ... strength, power, security and ride quality.

'We designed and built this next-generation midsize SÚV for hard-working, independent people from all walks of life who enjoy an active, outdoor lifestyle,' said Bill Davis, chief designer of GM's all-new SÚVs.

'These are people who want strong, rugged-lòòking and versatile vehicles wîth powerful, dependable, long-lasting and functional attributes that deliver high value,' he added.

To achieve this look, designers looked at styling that reflected toughness – styling that reflects the TrailBlazer's Chevrolet Truck heritage of tough, go-anywhere, do-anything vehicles. They teamed that wîth a strong, rugged body-on-frame construction wîth hydroformed frame rails and eight cross-members to back up the rugged, distinctive appearance.

Bigger Outside, Roomier Inside
Compared to the current Blazer, the new four-door TrailBlazer is 8.5 inches longer wîth a 6.0-inch longer wheelbase, and 6.8 inches wider. It also has five more cubic feet of cargo space.

The result is increased interior space for greater driver and passenger comfort wîth more headroom and legroom than any other vehicle in its class, as well as more shoulder room, hip room and cargo space than most vehicles in its class. With the rear seats in the down position, the rear compartment has more than 80 cubic feet of storage space.

Rugged, Distinctive Chevy Exterior Styling
The exterior and interior design very clearly establishes the traditional Chevrolet family resemblance of the 2002 TrailBlazer. The exterior is ruggedly athletic, broad-shouldered and sporty wîth more than 70 percent of the exterior panels specific to the Chevrolet, including the front and rear fenders, hood, grille and rear doors. Traditional Chevrolet brand characteristics are used throughout the TrailBlazer starting up front. The face is distinctively Chevy Truck. The familiar Chevrolet horizontal center bar wîth gold bowtie® in the grille is a given. The chrome bar on LS and LT or body-color bar on LTZ models bisects the large headlamps and turn signal lamps letting other drivers know the TrailBlazer is a Chevy Truck – even from a distance.

The profile highlights the TrailBlazer's rugged, distinctive persona. Bold wheelhouse openings and fender flares lend the feel of a strong athlete. The five-spoke wheels accent the TrailBlazer's sturdy appearance.

At the back, prominent round taillamps are vertically mounted to provide a bold statement.

Roomy, Practical and Airy Interior
Inside, the interior uses a twin-cockpit look and feel, focusing on practicality and function. 'The interior is open, inviting and airy, emphasizing the vehicle's appeal for families and friends enjoying the camaraderie of outdoor recreation and adventure,' said Davis.

Familiar Chevrolet interior cues include the instrument panel and center console design. Traditional Chevrolet cues also are maintained in the seat designs, which are engineered for maximum comfort wîth wider, thicker cushions; adjustable headrests; and ergonomically positioned soft armrests. Eight-way power driver seats are standard on LT and LTZ models wîth eight-way power passenger seats standard on LTZ and upper end LT models.

Rugged, Distinctive Styling, Power and Chevy Toughness
The effect of the TrailBlazer's styling is a confident, sporty look, and the feel of an authentic, spirited and highly versatile SÚV. But underneath is a complete package of performance features and benefits uniquely created for the demands of the Chevy SÚV customer.

'The 2002 TrailBlazer is an outstanding example of an authentic SÚV incorporating all of the traditional Chevy Truck qualities and values in a vehicle ideally suited for today's active lifestyle,' said Davis.

Source - Chevrolet
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