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2012 Lancia Delta

New Delta, the evolution of the compact flagship

2012 Lancia DeltaPresented at the Geneva International Motor Show in March 2008, Lancia Delta is the Brand's milestone model which heralded a new concept, bringing the attributes of a flagship to §egmènt C. Sure enough, its 4.5 metres pack in all the luxury and interior space of a higher category: the seats recline into chaise-longues, the upholstery reveals quality textures and passengers are cocooned by an almost magical comfort and silence on every journey. So, Delta is the compact flagship that fulfils the modern requirements of mobility and prestige thanks to the concept of downsizing , i.e. ensuring performance and luxury of a superior level at reduced cost, size and fuel consumption levels. It is in this context that the range unveils the latest innovations: a brand-new grille designed to reflect the new Lancia family feeling, plus new proposals in terms of trim level and engine versions (including the new 105 HP Euro 5-compliant 1.6 MultiJet engine).
The new Delta will go on sale from mid-March across key European markets and from June under the Chrysler badge in Great Britain and Ireland.

Design reflecting Italian style and unparalleled on-board comfortEmbodying the best of Italian design, the Lancia new Delta stands out in the current car design panorama thanks to the beauty of its external lines, which are modern, sophisticated and unmistakably Italian. The front end of the Lancia Delta is feisty and imposing, emphasised by the size of the wings and characterised by an impressive new grille, emblematic of the brand, designed by the Centro Stile Lancia. The new grille celebrates the symbol of the alliance between two continents, Europe and America, in the new product family which Lancia is set to unveil in 2011. The sculpted bonnet and flowing lines of the wheel arches come together on the front end in the grille, while the dynamic design of the car is further highlighted by the generous lower air intake, which speaks volumes about the temperament of the Lancia Delta's engine. And the whole vehicle is made even sportier and more high-tech by the innovative headlights, real gems of design and engineering, enhanced by a row of LEDs on the lower profile.

The car's sleek lines are complemented both by chrome mouldings, and by the colour contrast of the lower part of the matt grey door sill which reflects the two-tone colour scheme of the roof, available both in matt and glossy versions. Rounding off the offering for exteriors, Lancia Delta can be requested wîth the exclusive Black and Hard Black Packs, which make the car even more unique and exclusive. In particular, the Black Pack comprises 18 matt black alloy wheels, chrome-plated mirror fairings and twin exhaust and 'Eclissi' black non-standard pastel paint. The Hard Black pack reproposes the design concept of the Special Series of the same name introduced in 2010, characterised by a distinctive matt black body treatment: Delta was the first car not produced in a limited series to sport this exclusive paint finish called Cosmo Black - which requires a long painting process (over 4 hours per car).

Like the exterior, the interior of the Lancia new Delta also represents the epitome of Italian style, thanks to the quality of materials used and exquisite attention to detail.

Starting from the new Steel trim level, which proposes seats upholstered in high-tech fabric, the range is completed wîth the Silver, Gold and Platinum trim levels. The Silver Version introduces a stylish combination of leather and high-tech Chevron fabric, available in beige and grey/black. Adding to the uniqueness of the Lancia Delta, the Gold trim level features the luxurious combination of leather and Alcantara as standard, a characteristic that makes Delta the only car in its class to offer such a fine leather in three colours (available in blue, beige or black) as standard. Moreover, stitched onto sections in Alcantara are leather 'tapes' that emphasise the finely crafted nature of the interior and enhance the design of the seats themselves, making them highly original and exclusive. Lastly, the Platinum trim level includes Poltrona Frau full grain leather upholstery as standard, plus a leather-clad dashboard wîth hand-worked top stitching: it is a touch of exclusivity that combines Lancia class wîth the refinement of Poltrona Frau , one of the most famous Italian designer labels in the world. That's not all. Lancia new Delta is the only car in its §egmènt to offer luxury upholstery in Poltrona Frau leather, available in black, blue and beige wîth exclusive contrasting piping.

The lounge-like feel of the passenger compartment is enhanced by a sliding rear seat wîth reclining backrest (it can be tilted to 25 ) that allows the already spacious boot (380 litres, 465 wîth the sliding rear seats) to be increased. Alternatively, the seat can be pushed back and tilted for total relaxation, like a business class seat on an intercontinental flight. Note that the new Delta is the only hatchback saloon to offer the possibility of adjusting the rear seat backrest and sliding the seat. Lastly, fitted as standard wîth the Platinum trim level is the exclusive Executive rear seat which offers the same comfort as a business-class seat on any intercontinental flight.

Innovative and eco-friendly engines

Lancia new Delta expresses its core values through its engines and engineering too. First and foremost, the temperament of its petrol and diesel engines, which offer outstanding technological innovation and performance, as well as being Euro 5-compliant. All are supercharged and combined wîth 6-speed gearboxes (manual, robotised or automatic), and there are 7 to choose from in the new range: petrol, 120 HP 1.4 Turbo Jet (also dual fuel petrol/LPG), 140 HP 1.4 MultiAir and the 200 HP 1.8 Di Turbo Jet in conjunction wîth the Sportronic 6-speed automatic gearbox; diesel, the brand new 105 HP 1.6 MultiJet and the tried-and-tested 120 HP 1.6 MultiJet (also wîth Selectronic robotised gearbox), 165 HP 2.0 MultiJet and the mighty 190 HP 1.9 Twin Turbo MultiJet.

One engine that deserves a closer look is the new Euro 5-compliant 105 HP 1.6 MultiJet which perfectly combines the best features of MultiJet turbodiesel engines wîth the tax breaks and other advantages deriving from the downsizing design philosophy. It is therefore the ideal solution for those seeking an effective compromise between respect for the environment and low running costs, without sacrificing power and flexibility, for real driving satisfaction.
In particular, like the 120 HP version, the 105 HP 1.6 MultiJet offers exceptional torque delivery in absolute terms, which is all the more impressive when one considers the cylinder capacity: a torque of 300 Nm makes this engine a performance leader amongst power units wîth capacities less than or equal to 1.8 litres. If we take into account that the maximum torque is delivered at just 1500 rpm, we are able to immediately appreciate the extent to which the 1.6 MultiJet represents a revolution compared to present-day diesel engines: no other engine, however recent, can offer such a high torque delivery at such a low rpm. To sum things up, the new 1.6 MultiJet offers exhilarating driveability that is hard to match. This is proven by the acceleration (from 0 to 100 km/h in just 10.7 seconds) and the top speed (186 km/h). All these technological solutions put together enable the engine to achieve Euro 5-compliance, wîth CO2 emissions of 120 g/km in the combined cycle (in compliance wîth standards of individual European countries).

The 105 HP 1.6 MultiJet engine is combined wîth a 6-speed manual gearbox which, especially at motorway or main road speeds, ensures a lower engine speed wîth the added twofold advantage of less noise in the passenger compartment and a reduction in real consumption.

On-board technology

Absolute Handling System and DST (Drive Steering Torque)

To ensure that the driver is in perfect control of the car, Lancia new Delta adopts the Absolute Handling System - the evolution of ESP (Electronic Stability Program) - the system which intervenes in conditions approaching the limit, when vehicle stability is at risk, and assists the driver in controlling the car. In addition, the Absolute Handling System is combined with: the Hill Holder system, which assists the driver in hill starts; the ASR (Anti Slip Regulation) system, which optimises traction at any speed, wîth the help of the brakes and engine management; and the MSR (Motor Schleppmoment Regelung) system, which intervenes if there is a sudden change to a lower gear, by supplying torque to the engine. The Absolute Handling System on the Lancia new Delta is highly advanced inasmuch as it introduces several fundamentally important functions such as, for example, LTF (Linearization Torque Feedback) and TTC (Torque Transfer Control). The new handling system always intervenes 'discreetly' owing to its combination wîth the DST (Drive Steering Torque), the active electronic §teering which automatically carries out corrections and also controls oversteer on surfaces wîth low grip. In detail, the DST (Drive Steering Torque) carries out corrections automatically, helps maintain vehicle control and makes the intervention of the Absolute Handling System more 'discreet'.

Lastly, the TTC (Torque Transfer Control) improves the transfer of drive torque to the wheels and, in particular, guarantees excellent cornering behaviour, thus making the car safer and more enjoyable during a sporty drive or in poor road grip conditions (in other words, the TTC system electronically simulates the presence of a self-locking differential).

Reactive Suspension System
The Reactive Suspension System - through real-time electronic control of the shock absorbers - reduces vehicle oscillation in all driving conditions, ensuring better safety, comfort and handling. Úsing sensors, the system identifies the best control mechanisms for the driving and road surface conditions. Among these mechanisms is the Sky Hook function, which isolates the passenger compartment by completely isolating and protecting it from outside stresses and strains.
The Reactive Suspension System shortens the car's stopping distance (by around 5% thanks to optimum contact between tyre and road) and ensures timely intervention in the event of emergency manoeuvres, thus restoring safe conditions smoothly.

Driving Advisor
Lancia new Delta proposes the Driving Advisor system, an important preventive safety feature which alerts the driver if he inadvertently strays too close to the side of the lane. Active when the vehicle is travelling at a speed of between 65 and 180 km/h, the system sends a tug of torque to the §teering wheel to alert the driver that he has crossed the lane marking.

The Driving Advisor system is intended to prevent dangerous situations caused by driver distraction. The torque generated on the §teering wheel not only opposes the car's crossing of the side lines, but also provides an indication of the §teering action to carry out in order to bring the vehicle back into the centre of the lane, thus correcting the drive trajectory. The driver, nonetheless, maintains full control of driving and is always able to oppose the torque on the §teering wheel if he deems necessary.

Characterised by simplicity of use, the device allows you to make/receive telephone calls and listen to music safely and simply while you drive, and thanks to Bluetooth technology, it lets you communicate wîth the outside world from the car using your own personal devices like mobile phones and hand-held devices. The new Blue&MeTM system takes a further step forward wîth the addition of new functions which confirm the platform's great flexibility. By connecting a digital device to the ÚSB port, you can listen to hours and hours of digital music in MP3, WMA and WAV formats loaded onto a mobile phone, MP3 player or ÚSB pen drive. What's more, for enhanced compatibility wîth iPods and iPhones, in the Lancia new Delta you can also listen in addition to the previously mentioned formats to AAC audio files, as long as they are DRM-free and saved in Hard Disk Drive mode. In addition, a practical Aux-in socket allows the driver and passengers to connect any audio device wîth ease.

Instant Nav
Fitted as standard on the Platinum trim level, Lancia new Delta can be fitted wîth Instant Nav , an innovative, latest-generation infotelematic system which includes map satellite navigation (comprehensive map of Europe as standard), a dual tuner radio receiver and MP3-CD player in a single device built into the dashboard; being compatible wîth Blue&Me , media player functions can also be provided by connecting pen drives, iPods, iPhones, etc to the ÚSB port and Bluetooth hands-free function for a personal mobile phone. Produced by Magneti Marelli, the device is housed in the centre of the instrument panel, boasts a 6.5 inch colour screen in 16:9 format and is visible, bright and clear regardless of the light conditions.

What's more, from April, Lancia Delta will be the first car by the Group to avail of the new map update programme NAVTEQ MapCare . The new programme simplifies distribution of map updates: new owners will receive the maps automatically each year a total of two updates. A recent study reveals that drivers who use the satellite navigation system can reduce their overall annual mileage by almost 2,500 kilometres, saving over 400 euros in fuel. (concept carz) So, it is important to update maps regularly. The implementation of the NAVTEQ MapCare service allows drivers to have the very latest maps at their disposal for optimum use of their satellite navigation systems.

Magic Parking
Lancia new Delta has an innovative parking aid which helps the driver to judge whether a space is big enough and to actually carry out the parking manoeuvre. First, the system measures the length of the free space and indicates whether it is big enough for your car. Then, it automatically steers the car during reversing, allowing the driver to concentrate solely on controlling speed by using the accelerator and brake.

With one single manoeuvre, the vehicle parallel parks in such a way to limit the number of subsequent realignments made by the driver. Of course, the driver is always in control by operating the pedals, and can deactivate the system by turning the §teering wheel or disengaging reverse gear, or by pressing the appropriate button.

Source - Lancia
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