1960 Bentley S2

LWB Shooting Brake
Coachwork: Wendler
This car was a specially commissioned vehicle designed by Wendler of Reutlingen, Germany. It is believed to be the only post-war German bodied Bentley, and therefore, considered that only one-off that Wendler ever made for a Bentley. It was assembled for an American, who also owned a similar Mercedes-Benz 300S Shooting Brake, which was also custom-bodied by Wendler. The ownership of the S2 has been a mystery for some time. The American who commissioned the car in Germany placed custom German plates on the vehicle before the S2 was imported into the United States, and registered it to a New York Yacht Club address. It was believed to be owned by an eccentric gentleman from Virginia.

The current owner purchased the car in March of 1992, where it has been in his collection of Bentleys ever since.
The Bentley S2 was introduced in 1959 and produced until 1962. The S2 replaced the S1 and would later be replaced by the S3. The Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud I and the Bentley S1 had been nearly identical. This tradition continued with the Bentley S2 and the Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II also being nearly identical. Most of the bodies were constructed by Bentley but few custom coachbuilders, such as Hooper, James Young, Park Ward, and H.J. Mulliner were commissioned to body the vehicles.
Under the hood was an all-aluminum 6230 cc V-8 engine with dual SU carburetors that would be used by Bentley until the 1998 Arnage. Servo-assisted drum brakes were used to provide stopping power. The front suspension was independent with coil springs while the rear was semi-elliptic springs.

The S2, by many, were considered to be the greatest of the S-series. These four-door touring automobiles were well known for their ample room for four passengers and their luggage.
By Daniel Vaughan | Mar 2006
A ride oozing pure luxury, the extravagant S2 Continental was a high-performance variant of the Bentley S2, which was produced from 1959 through 1962. The S2 designation stood for the new V8 engine and the designation 'Continental' had been previously used from 1912 by Rolls Royce. Standard on S2 models was power steering, a new dashboard and steering wheel, though some early models came with the earlier S1 dashboard.

The S2 was the replacement for the Bentley S1 and brought with it an all-new aluminum V8 engine that displaced 6.2 L over the previous straight-six engine from the S1. The new engine was a vast improvement over previous models. Fitted with twin carbs with automatic choke, the V8 engine in the S2 had a compression ratio of 8 to 1. Operating the overhead valves were hydraulic tappets while the cylinder blocks and heads were cast in aluminum alloys. To keep up with high speed cruising on modern roads the S2 had a higher rear axle ratio and upgraded brakes.

A total of three hundred and eighty-eight luxurious S2 Continental's were produced during its brief production span. All models were drophead coupes or sports saloons with the exception of the 4-door 'Flying Spur'. Drophead coupes are two-door convertibles while a sports saloon is a high-performance two or four-door enclosed automobile with a front and back seat. The Continental line included the H.J Mulliner Coupé, H.J. Mulliner Flying Spur, the James Young Sports Saloon and Park Ward Drophead Coupé. Original to the Bentley line, the open Drophead Coupé was designed by Vilhelm Koren of Norway for Park Ward and featured an exclusive straight fender line. Out of the 388 S2 Continentals, only 125 models were built with this Drophead Coupé design

The 'Continental' form was the highest trim level available in the lineup and offered a much more luxurious and faster ride than standard production vehicles. Today the Bentley Continental S2 is a highly desirable collectible. Their special coach-built frame and 'higher-than-standard' performance levels thanks to lightweight body construction, robust engines and high gear ratios easily distinguish continental models from 'regular' Bentley models. They included lavish upgrades like press button window lifts, electric rear window demisters, electrically operated ride control, power-assisted steering, updated and more flexible AC and fully automatic transmission.

Famed coachbuilder H.J. Mulliner produced 128 examples of the four-door sport saloon 'Flying Spur'. Of these exclusive 128 models only 52 were left-hand drive models.


By Jessica Donaldson
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