1936 Buick Century Series 60

1936 Buick Century Series 60

The first Buick to reach 100 MPH was the appropriately named Century, in 1936. It shared a new 320.2 cubic-inch straight eight with the Roadmaster (Series 80) and the Limited (Series 90). It rode on a fairly short wheelbase, measuring just 118 inches, and featured rearward sweeping lines with a rounded grille in the front.

The most popular Century bodystyle was the 4-door sedan which saw 17,806 examples produced. Just 717 examples of the convertible coupe were built, selling for $1,135. Other body styles included both a 2-door sport coupe and a 2-door Victoria coupe.

By Daniel Vaughan | Jun 2013

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In 1930 Buick introduced their Series 60 which served as a replacement for the Series 129. There were seven body styles to select from, all sitting atop a 132-inch wheelbase. The four-door phaeton with seating for seven cost the least, selling for nearly %241,600. Only 807 examples of this body style was produced in 1930. The Most expensive body style was the Limousine, also with seating for seven,....
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The name Buick Century was the model name utilized by the Buick division of GM for their line of full-size performance cars from 1936 until 1942, from 1954 until 158 and from 1973 until 2005 for a mid-size vehicle. For the 1936 model year Buick renamed its entire model lineup in celebration of the engineering modifications and design advancements over their 1935 models. For this lineup, the....
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1936 Century Series 60
1936 Buick Century Series 60 Price Range: $1,035 - $1,135

Model Year Production

1941Chevrolet (1,008,976)Ford (691,455)Plymouth (522,080)278,784
1940Chevrolet (764,616)Ford (541,896)Plymouth (430,208)278,784
1939Chevrolet (577,278)Ford (487,031)Plymouth (423,850)208,259
1938Chevrolet (465,158)Ford (410,263)Plymouth (285,704)168,689
1937Ford (942,005)Chevrolet (815,375)Plymouth (566,128)220,346
1936Ford (930,778)Chevrolet (918,278)Plymouth (520,025)168,596
1935Ford (820,253)Chevrolet (548,215)Plymouth (350,884)53,249
1934Ford (563,921)Chevrolet (551,191)Plymouth (321,171)71,009
1933Chevrolet (486,261)Ford (334,969)Plymouth (298,557)46,924
1932Chevrolet (313,404)Ford (210,824)Plymouth (186,106)56,790
1931Chevrolet (619,554)Ford (615,455)Buick (138,965)138,965

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