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2014 Chevrolet Sonic RS Concept

Chevrolet Performance Sonic RS concept

2014 Chevrolet Sonic RS Concept
This performance-oriented Sonic RS concept draws on the legacy of Chevrolet's high-performance vehicles yet reimagined for a new generation. It features engine performance, suspension/brakes and appearance upgrades developed by Chevrolet Performance engineers and designed to be installed by Chevrolet dealers.
◾A Stage Kit, cold-air induction and a high-flow exhaust system allow the 1.4L turbo engine to produce more power for a more exciting driving experience
◾The engine enhancements are complemented by a track-tuned suspension system and higher-performance brake upgrade kit, featuring Wilwood front calipers
◾The suspension kit lowers the ride height for a sportier stance
◾Chevrolet Performance 18-inch, split-five-spoke wheels complement the lowered look with aggressive style
◾Lemon Peel Yellow exterior with blue graphics; tinted headlamps and fog lamps; blue-accented window moldings and rear hatch trim
◾Additional exterior accessories, including color-tinted grille trim, headlamp rings and mirror caps are available from Chevrolet dealers and complement custom graphics and other accents that can be easily duplicated by creative owners
◾Re-trimmed seats in black leather, with Lark Yellow contrast stitching.

Source - Chevrolet

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