1981 Morgan Plus 4

Chassis Num: B4921
Sold for $26,400 at 2017 Bonhams.
The Morgan Motor Company was founded by Henry Morgan in Worcestershire, England, in 1910. It remains the oldest independently owned car manufacturer in the world.

During the early years of production, Morgan produced a 3-wheeler which proved popular due to a tax advantage that allowed three-wheeled car to be registered as a motorcycle. Low and purposeful, the Morgan Super Sports J.A.P. engine is slung aggressively in front of a beautifully rounded radiator with its single rear wheel almost concealed. The company's first three-wheeler was produced in 1909. It had a Peugeot V-twin motorcycle engine and tiller steering, and its two front wheels were independently suspended by vertical coil springs, which was a first for a British car. The factory continues to produce cars and the waiting period for a new Morgan can be as long as 6 years.

Production of the Super Sports ended in 1952.

In 1936, Morgan introduced their first car - the 4-4, which would later come to be known as the '4/4', which represented four cylinders and four wheels. In 1950 the Plus 4 was developed adding an extra 4-inches to the wheelbase which allowed it accommodate the 'larger' American market. When the 75 horsepower 1600cc Ford Kent engine was adopted the Plus 4 was able to race from zero-to-sixty mph in just 18 seconds.

In 1981, Ford stopped making the Kent unit and Morgan was forced to switch to the Fiat 1584cc engine.

This particular Plus 4 is still in the care of its original owner. Morgan was not able to supply a vehicle to pass the stringent US emission standards in 1981 so they figured out a work around by supplying propane powered sports cars.

This car still has its original propane system.
By Daniel Vaughan | Apr 2017
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