1974 Plymouth Barracuda

1974 was the last year for the iconic Plymouth Barracuda. It had the same design features as the prior year with a few new color combinations becoming available. Pricing began at $3,200 for the Hardtop Coupe and rose to $3,300 for the 'Cuda Hardtop Coupe. 6,745 examples of the base coupe and 4,989 examples of the 'Cuda were built, making this the lowest level in the models history.

The base engine was a 318 CID two-barrel V8 mated to a three-speed manual transmission. Standard features included all the regulation safety features, brake warning light, vinyl bucket seats, carpets, concealed windshield wipers, and dual horns. They also came with an inside day/night mirror, cigar lighter, left outside rearview mirror, and fuel, temperature and ammeter gauges.

The 'Cuda had a performance hood, front disc brakes, heavy-duty suspension, wheel lip moldings, color-keyed grille, F70-15 white sidewall tires, and electronic ignition. Other features included wheel lip moldings, black-out finished rear deck panel, and a four-barrel 360 CID engine rated at 245 SAE net outing.

The Basic Group option package included an AM radio, day/night inside mirror, chrome-plated remote-control left outside rearview mirror, power steering, three-speed wipers with electric washers, and Deluxe wheel covers.

The Code A51 Sport Decor Group which added body sill and wheel lip moldings, bodyside tape stripe, and a sport hood.

The Rally Instrument Panel Group, Code J97, added a tachometer, oil pressure gauge, trip odometer, 150 mph speedometer, electric clock, and three-speed wipers.

The Code A36 Performance Package added a Sure-Grip differential, high-performance radial, and heavy-duty 3.55:1 rear axle ratio.

By Daniel Vaughan | Oct 2017

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The first series of the Barracuda was produced from 1964 through 1969, distinguished by its A-body construction. From 1970 through 1974 the second series was produced using an E-body construction. In 1964, Plymouth offered the Barracuda as an option of the Valiant model line, meaning it wore both the Valiant and Barracuda emblems. The base offering was a 225 cubic-inch six-cylinder engine....
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1974 Barracuda
1974 Plymouth Barracuda Price Range: $3,065 - $3,250

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