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1988 Honda CRX

The front-wheel-drive Honda CR-X was a front-wheel drive sport compact car in production from 1973 through 1991. In 1992, it was replaced by the Honda CR-X del Sol. The first generation was produced from 1973 through 1987. In 1988, the second generation of the CR-X featured a modified chassis which had a four-inch longer wheelbase and an overhead-cam four-cylinder, aluminum alloy engine that had a 91 cubic-inch displacement and produced 92 horsepower. The prior torsion bars in the front and rear beam axle suspension was replaced by double wishbones, in similar fashion to its Civic sibling.

The CRX HF models had an eight-valve head configuration, a 9.6:1 compression ratio, and produced 62 horsepower. The CRX Si had an overhead-cam four-cylinder engine with a 97 CID and produced 105 horsepower. Zero-to-sixty mph took about 8.2 seconds. The VTEC-equipped models received updated bumpers, hood, brakes, suspension, lights, and dashboard designs.

Pricing for the CRX began at $8,630. The Si trim level cost $10,200.

by Daniel Vaughan | Apr 2019

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First produced in 1983, the Honda CR-X was popular for its lightweight dependability and reliable features. Designed in Japan by Honda, the sport hatchback in the American market allowed for only two passengers while the European market expanded to four seats. Standard in the European version was also a ZC 130 hp engine. Launched originally as the Honda Ballade Sports CR-X, it underwent a....
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Sport Hatchback

This Honda Civic Si is original and still in the care of its original owners. It was bought new in 1988 from a Jacksonville, Florida dealer. It is equipped with manual windows, manual transmission, manual brakes, and power sunroof.....[continue reading]

Sport Hatchback

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1988 CRX

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