Powerful, Refined Navigator Helps Mcconaughey Find His Perfect Rhythm In First Campaign Spot

By: Lincoln

Powerful, Refined Navigator Helps Mcconaughey Find His Perfect Rhythm In First Campaign Spot  •Initial campaign spot will air with a 60-second piece on social media, then with a TV ad on Jan. 1 during the College Football Playoff

•Work was directed by noted cinematographer Wally Pfister, who weaves stunning visuals and stirring music to convey the power and capability of the all-new Lincoln Navigator

•The all-new Lincoln Navigator combines sleek styling with a spacious interior and advanced technology that elevates travel to first class

DEARBORN, Mich., Dec. 28, 2017 – The initial campaign spot for the all-new Lincoln Navigator, featuring longtime Lincoln collaborator Matthew McConaughey, showcases the impressive, commanding presence of the full-size luxury SUV.

'Perfect Rhythm,' the first of two spots starring McConaughey and the 2018 Navigator, combines dramatic visuals and eclectic music to drive home the message that the all-new Navigator is a powerful, capable vehicle that elevates travel to a new level of comfort and style.

'Perfect Rhythm' premieres Dec. 28 with a 60-second spot on Lincoln's Twitter and YouTube channels and will then air during the Jan. 1 College Football Playoff as a TV ad. A second spot will air later in the month.

'Perfect rhythm refers to the feeling you get in those situations when everything comes together,' said John Emmert, group marketing manager, The Lincoln Motor Company. 'This is our most spacious, refined and capable Navigator ever, combining modern luxury with advanced technology that elevates every passenger's experience.'

The piece was shot in the Pacific Northwest by noted cinematographer Wally Pfister, who also filmed the 'That's Continental' campaign, and produced by Hudson Rouge. It opens with a distant shot of the Navigator driven by McConaughey, who pulls up to a railroad crossing and stops – although no train is in sight.

He soon becomes both the conductor and lead musician of an impromptu concert.

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    'This piece is all about energy,' said Emmert. 'You see Matthew in control. He starts a rhythm and it builds, and he becomes the master of his experience. We've overlaid a complex sound design as a freight train enters the scene and rumbles by. There's this wonderful crescendo of light and sound that builds and then ends as suddenly as it begins.'

    The mood of the piece is a perfect complement to the Navigator, he said. The spot's high energy captures the capability of the most powerful vehicle in the Lincoln portfolio.

    The exterior shots in the ad showcase the Navigator's signature front grille, while the interior shots highlight the spacious cabin and its serene, horizontal styling.

    McConaughey, he adds, brings it all to life.

    'Short-form art requires doing a lot in a very short amount of time,' Emmert said. 'That's especially true if you want to convey something emotional, which is the core of our brand. Matthew can communicate so much, so fast, it's amazing.'

    The all-new Lincoln Navigator is available in dealerships now.

  • Photo credit: Lincoln
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