Air conditioning $441   
 AM/FM radio $165   
 Automatic transmission $245   
 Courtesy lamps $9   
 Cruise control $91   
 Four-speed manual floor shift transmission $205   
 High-performance 4-4-2 $156  Handling and Performance Package 
 Outside mirror $5   
 Positive traction rear axle $51   
 Power antenna $27   
 Power seats $71   
 Push- button radio $88   
 Rear speaker $21   
 Rear window defogger $22   
 Three-speed manual floor shift transmission $45   
 Tilt steering wheel $44   
 V-8 330-cubic inch/260-horsepower Jetfire engine $30   
 V-8 330-cubic inch/315-horsepower Jet-fire engine $55   
 V-8 425-cubic inch/360-horsepower Super engine $60   
 V-8 425-cubic inch/370-horsepower Starfire engine $78   
Prices ranged from $5 - $441
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