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2007 Volvo V70 R

The V70 R is a charismatic blend of wagon versatility, Volvo safety and high-performance ride, handling and turbocharged power. Thus, having a family doesn't mean sacrificing the virtues of a cutting-edge European sports machine. Subtle changes for 2007 include new side mirrors with integrated turn signals. This adds a touch of luxury along with increased practicality by flashing three times with a single press of the steering wheel stalk.

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As a result of Volvos dynamic product strategy, a variety of new and exciting models were released in 1996. These included the S70 sedan, the station wagon V70 and the Volvo 850 Bi-Fuel. The 850 Bi-Fuel was fitted with twin fuel systems that made it capable of being driven with either methane gas or petrol. The V70 station wagon and the S70 sedan were advanced in Volvo technology and included a new....
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