1947 DeSoto Custom Series

1947 DeSoto Custom Series 1947 DeSoto Custom Series 1947 DeSoto Custom Series
Convertible Coupe
The 1947 DeSoto body styles were a continuation of the pre-war designs introduced in 1942 that was interrupted by America's entry into World War II.

New styling features were introduced to help modernize the DeSoto after the war. Updated ornamentation, a redesigned grille, and new front fenders with exposed headlights were the most obvious changes.

The DeSoto Custom series was powered by a 236 cubic-inch six-cylinder engine that developed 109 horsepower. Factory price new was $1,761 without accessories.

1947 DeSoto Custom Series
LWB Suburban
Due to the outbreak of World War II, all United States automobile production stopped in February of 1942 and car manufacturers shifted to building items for the war effort. Domestic car production did not resume until March of 1946 with cars that appeared little changed from the 1941-1942 models. A surprise newcomer to the field was the eight-passenger DeSoto Suburban, which arrived in November of 1946 and was produced unchanged through mid-1949. It was designed as the ultimate in stylish transportation for hotels, airports, and large families. Its unique folding seats allowed for several combinations of passengers and cargo, much like present-day mini vans.

A DeSoto Suburban like the one displayed here was featured in the 1970s sitcom 'Happy Days' as the Cunningham family car.

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