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The 1957 Lincoln was an updated version of the all-new 1956 model, which itself was inspired by Ford's 1955 Futura show car.....[continue reading]

Hardtop Coupe

The 1956 Lincoln Premiere was inspired by Ford's 1955 Futura Show Car, and the 1957 model was a flamboyant restyling of the 1956. Years later, the car was made famous when George Barris transformed it into the 'Batmobile.'....[continue reading]

Hardtop Coupe

Chassis Num: 57WA25507L

For 1957, the Lincoln Premier was given soaring fins and new headlamps. The knife-edged fins were a sharp contrast from the 1956's elegant rear fenders. In the front were standard 'Quadra-Lite' headlamps and an industry first (along with the 1957 Nas....[continue reading]

Hardtop Coupe

The 1957 Premier was a mildly restyled version of the award-winning 1956 model and featured more prominent fins and quad headlights. In addition to a standard 300 horsepower V-8 engine, all Lincoln Premiers were equipped with power seats, power stee....[continue reading]


Chassis Num: 57WA30021L

1957 was the second year of the all-new body and chassis, however it was given extensive updates in order to remain competitive with Imperial and Cadillac, which were both all-new. Lincoln's most expensive and top-of-the-line model was the Premiere C....[continue reading]

Hardtop Coupe
Hardtop Coupe
Chassis #: 57WA25507L 
Hardtop Coupe
Chassis #: 57WA30021L 


A personal luxury coupe that inspired dramatic foresight and vision to the autmobile industry, the Lincoln Premiere was sold in the mid to late 1950's. Designed by a company synonmous with design, comfort and luxury, the arrival of the Premier prompted impulse for futuristic designs. Power steering, power brakes, power windows, wraparound windshields, tubeless tires and automatic seats all began with the Lincoln Premier.
During the 1920's Lincoln distinguished itself as the premier American luxury automobile and marketed to an elite market with high expectations. Luxury and prestige were standard in all vehicles. During the war years of the 1940's, Lincoln facilities aided Ford in the production of tank engines, bodies for amphibious vehicles and over 140,000 jeep bodies. Vehicle designs in the years following the war were restyled versions of pre-war cars much like most American cars.
The 1950s were bringing many dramatic changes to Lincoln, with the elemental design of the Lincoln Premier leading it. New advancements were occurring throughout the automobile industry thus prompting Lincoln's chief stylist to start thinking of ideas for the future.
Sold by Ford's Luxury division, the vehicle featured a 6.0L V8 and approximately 223.01' (5664mm) in length. Weighing 4357 lbs (1976.3 kg) the Premier embodied the luxury standard to it's creators. In 1956 the Premier cost approximately $4,600 which bore the equivalent of roughly $31,730 in American dollars.

By Jessica Donaldson
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