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2006 Ferrari FXX

Chassis Num: 145766
Sold for $1,729,087 (€1,338,400) at 2012 RM Sothebys.
Perhaps never before in automotive history has there even been such an exclusive, and yet, restrictive GT car ever produced. But then again, never before, and perhaps never again, has such a car been developed with such integration and input from a racing department within a factory then that which went into the Ferrari FXX. But it's just the way Enzo would have had it if he were still alive.

Enzo Ferrari knew very well that it was the passionate and devoted Tifosi that kept his beloved factory going year after year and he certainly felt it was incumbent upon himself to deliver. Perhaps no other car in Ferrari's history; past, present and perhaps even future, will ever deliver like the FXX. The reason for this is very simple: instead of producing a GT car from existing technology and materials, the FXX would be used to help Ferrari push back the barriers and experiment with new technology and materials. In many ways, the FXX program would offer the most ardent and passionate of Ferrari faithful, at least those with the means, a chance to be part of a development program that would only evolve and lead to future models.

Taking bits and pieces from the Enzo and adding brand new components and other new technology to take what would be the ultimate track car of its day, the Ferrari FXX would not be like any other Ferrari sports car that any interested buyer could just go and pick up at any regional dealer. Almost like a timeshare, each individual FXX would be available for purchase but each would remain at the Ferrari factory in Maranello. Driving opportunities would be limited to certain times and days of the year and each time it left the factory the drive would be monitored. That is because the car would only be allowed out on Ferrari's own Fiorano circuit. There it is, perhaps the first Formula One car with fenders available for the common man.

Brimming with innovative technology derived from Formula One use, the FXX Evoluzione evolution would have the ability to change gears in 60ms. It would feature a traction control system that would help the car adapt to the driver and not the other way around. The brakes would be Formula One inspired Brembo Composite Ceramic Material discs providing incredible braking power. In addition, the Evoluzione would boast of an engine with increased revs and power producing around 860 bhp. That meant the V12 engine was capable of pushing the 2500 pound car to speeds upwards of 225 mph. To help keep the car under control at such speeds the Pinin Farina bodywork would also include a reworked rear diffuser and flaps that increased overall downforce in an effort to keep the flying car to the ground.

Filled with sensors, every time one rolled out of the factory to take to the track it would have a bunch of trained technicians swarming all over the car and watching every detail of every single lap turned around the circuit.

Exclusive in every way, Ferrari would find little trouble in selling every single one of the original 30 FXXs produced. Of course it would only get even better when the FXX Evoluzione would come along the following year.

After a successful initial two-year period it was announced the program would continue on for another two. Perhaps at no other time in motoring history had the man on the street ever felt more a part of a factory or a team except if he happened to work there. And then, it is likely that even the factory worker never felt as part of a team as this.

Chassis 145766 would be one of the original FXXs built in 2006. However, its owner would not settle for the mere FXX, and instead, would have the car upgraded to the FXX Evoluzione. Always kept at the Corse Clienti department at the Ferrari factory, the car couldn't have come with a more patriotic or rousing livery. Dressed in all black with a little bit of white trim, the nose of the car is fittingly completed in the colors of the Tricolore and uniquely blends the sense of a race car with a personal car. And oh what a personal car it is.

A truly unique opportunity, chassis 145766 would be presented for sale at the 2012 RM Auctions event held at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco. Valued between 1,300,000 and 1,700,000 EUR, the car would sell on the 12th of May for a total sum of 1,338,400 EUR.

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By Jeremy McMullen
Ferrari has developed a truly innovative technical collaboration programme around the FXX prototype aimed at its most dedicated and passionate Clients. The FXX is the most advanced GT ever created at Maranello and its mission is to involve Ferrari's most valued Clients as genuine Prancing Horse Test Drivers in their own right. The wealth of data and experience gathered in the course of this very special programme will be exceptionally important.

In fact, the feedback from these highly skilled, non-professional Client Test Drivers will be compared and supplemented wîth suggestions from Michael Schumacher, Rubens Barrichello and Ferrari's professional in-house Test Drivers.

Every Client who signs up for the FXX project by purchasing one of the estimated 20 or so cars being built, will actually be joining Team Ferrari, and will have his driving experiences at the wheel of this new car monitored directly by the Prancing Horse's technicians and specialists.

2006 Ferrari FXXThe FXX is the fruit of Ferrari's know-how in building special limited-series sports cars combined with, of course, its racing experience. It will provide the basic framework on which the specifics of future extreme models will be worked out. The exceptionally powerful FXX delivers absolutely blistering performance on all fronts.

The FXX has not been homologated for road use and thus will not be a competition model. It will be used exclusively on the track as part of a specific ongoing research and development programme featuring this first ever group of Client Test Drivers.

The FXX is powered by an imposing 6,262 cc V12 engine that can punch out over 800 hp at 8,500 rpm. Its gearbox is the result of the transfer of F1 strategies, delivering gear change times of under 100 ms. This is almost as fast as the F1 single-seaters, themselves the absolute pinnacle of current technological achievement.

2006 Ferrari FXXThe FXX's aerodynamic design is particularly innovative too as it has resulted in a shape that produces 40% higher downforce than ever achieved before. It is also possible to adjust the FXX's mobile spoiler configuration to suit the specific circuit.

Ferrari's partnership wîth Bridgestone has resulted in the development of a specific 19' slick tyre for this particular model. Likewise Brembo has created a special brake cooling and pad system for the FXX's extra large Composite Ceramic Material disc brakes.

The Client Test Drivers will also be able to share their unique track experience wîth a passenger – in fact a second seat is available.

2006 Ferrari FXXWhat really sets the FXX apart, however, is the sophisticated telemetry system which will monitor and give feedback on 39 different vehicle dynamics parameters in real time. The system is also able to record other data as demanded by specific circumstances.

The information gathered will then be analysed by the Ferrari technicians working on the programme and discussed wîth the individual Client Drivers to ensure that the car is kept constantly updated.

The FXX package also includes participation in a series of track events to be organised by Ferrari on various international-level circuits over the coming two years. On these occasions, an official team of technicians will be on hand to provide any assistance and support required by the Client Test Driver.

2006 Ferrari FXXIn addition to these truly unique official events, Clients will also be able to take their cars out on the track independently during private sessions. Clients wishing to leave their car at Maranello will be glad to know that the vehicles will be transported directly by Ferrari to the various European circuits for the scheduled events.

Given the car's exceptional performance and the unique nature of the package, delivery of each FXX will also include an ad hoc driving course. The instructors will, of course, be professional drivers and the courses will take place at the Fiorano Circuit where Ferrari does its most important F1 single-seaters testing.

After the seat and the pedals have been individually tailored to each driver, there will be a traditional 'shakedown' followed by a training session dedicated to test driving methodologies.

2006 Ferrari FXXAfter a careful client order selection process, the first FXXs will be delivered by the end of this year. The initial testing of the definitive car is currently taking place at Fiorano. The FXX and the relative package cost a total of 1.5 million euro (excluding taxes) and applications to join the programme are being evaluated by a special in-house committee.

Source - Ferrari S.p.A
Chassis Num: ZFFHX62X000146357
Sold for $2,090,000 at 2011 Gooding & Company.
The original owner of this vehicle, Benny Caiola, signed a purchase agreement for this vehicle on March 15th of 2006. It arrived in New York later that summer. The car was finished in Formula One Red livery with white accents. Shortly after taking delivery, Mr. Caiola participated in a handful of Ferrari-sanctioned US event that took place between 2007 and 2008 including Infineon, Homestead and Moroso. After participating in these events, Mr. Caiola took advantage of Corse Clienti's latest offering, the Evoluzione kit. The $300,000 package was the result of feedback received during the first two years of the FXX Programme and addressed many aspects of the purpose-built Ferrari. Modifications included changes to the engine, improved driver control, an updated traction control system, and many other minute details. Power increased to a staggering 860 bhp at 9,500 RPM, up from the standard 790 bhp. The F1-style, paddle-shift gearbox received revised gear ratios and was re-programmed to execute shifts in just 60 milliseconds, 20 milliseconds quicker than before.

The aerodynamics were greatly improved with a redesigned diffuser and rear flaps. Aerodynamic efficiency improved by 25% percent.

In 2011, this FXX with the Evoluzione kit and having just 1,400 km of track time was offered for sale at the Gooding & Company Auction in Scottsdale, Arizona. The car was estimated to sell for $2,200,000 - $2,500,000. It is one of just 30 example built and is the most advanced Ferrari production car. As bidding came to a close, the car had been sold for the sum of $2.09 million.
By Daniel Vaughan | Jan 2011
Chassis Num: ZFFHX62X000146359
Sold for $1,485,000 at 2014 RM Sothebys.
The 1980s and 1990s saw the rise of several important and significant supercars. With the dawn of the 21st century, the bar was lifted even further with the introduction of a number of 'hypercars' - automobiles that were fitted with incredibly technology and boasted monumental performance figures. Included in this list of Paragons were the Porsche Carrera GT and the Mercedes-McLaren SLR. Ferrari had their Enzo which was introduced in 2002, and many believed that was the height of perfection. However, in the summer of 2005, the factory announced that special track-only car would be produced, offering a unique experience to collaborate with the factory and develop the future generation of road cars. In the months that followed, prototypes were shown in private settings, by invitation only, to gauge interest in the project. The FXX was finally formally announced and unveiled in December of that year at the Bologna Motor Show. Just 38 examples were produced, and made available to Ferrari's very best clients.

The FXX program was different and did not operate like Ferrari's well-established Challenge series. It was completely different and run under the umbrella of Corse Clienti. The owners and their cars were invited to select events, where they would be able to drive their cars on the track at speeds in a non-competitive environment. At the events, the factory provided the owners with a team of technicians and engineers for support and to offer advice on how to achieve the best results with their FXX. The program gave owners the opportunity to experience their cars, on a track, at speed, with factory support. Owner's also had the opportunity to store their cars at the factory, if they so desired, leaving Corse Clienti responsible for routine maintenance and servicing, as well as transportation to the FXX Programme events.

This example is the 31st of 38 examples built. It is finished in Rosso Corsa with white trim and has only one owner from new. This is among the most driven and enjoyed FXXs, participating in action on four continents and present at ever Corse Clienti event between 2007 and 2010. Due to its extensive use, Ferrari used it as a mule to develop mid-year upgrades to various components on the FXX, including the cooling systems, braking systems, and the front and rear grilles.

During the first two years of the FXX program, engineers were able to gather and analyze data and telemetry from all the FXX models and upgrade the car's components and increase the performance at a cost of $250,000. The so-called Evoluzione, or Evo, upgrades included gear ratios being changed to accommodate the extra 1,000 rpm produced by the engine, which resulted in the gearshifts now taking place in 60 milliseconds and the FXX's lap time around Fiorano being cut down by two seconds. Other Evoluzione upgrades included modified aerodynamics, a more complex traction-control system, improved brakes with more durable brake pads and more efficient brake cooling ductwork, and an improved rear camera system, providing the driver increased rearward visibility.

This Ferrari FXX has been converted to Evoluzione specifications by the factory between 2007 and 2008 Corse Clienti seasons, and it was one of the first to receive the upgrade. In 2013 the FXX became one of only a few to be outfitted with an updated suspension, which included new Pirelli tires.

The car has all three of the storage boxes that were regularly used at its track days, and they are filled with specialty tools and spares, including three sets of wheels, one with racing slicks, one with wet-weather tires, and the other with street tires for storage, as well as a Staubli fueling tank, an extra set of mufflers, special FXX jack stands, a full tool kit, both its original manuals for standard FXX and Evo specification, and full data acquisition capabilities. There is also a helmet painted to match this FXX, which was gifted to all FXX owners upon delivery of their cars.

This car has always been stored and maintained at the Ferrari facilities throughout its entire life.
By Daniel Vaughan | Oct 2014
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