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1936 Lincoln Zephyr news, pictures, specifications, and information

Debuting in 1936, the Lincoln-Zephyr was priced to fill the gap between the Ford Deluxe and the Lincoln Continental, and was promoted as 'affordable luxury.' The line was discontinued in 1942 with the outbreak of World War II, but was re-introduced in 2006. This is the actual car used by the Ford Motor Company during its unveiling of the all-new 2006 Lincoln-Zephyr at auto shows in Detroit, New York, and Chicago, as well as appearing in several ad campaigns.

This car was purchased new and driven for 28 years by character actress Marjorie Eaton, who appeared in over 40 movies including: Mary Poppins, Bullitt and TV shows such as The Lone Ranger, My Three Sons, and The Waltons.
In 1936 Lincoln introduced the Zephyr, named and styled after the streamlined Burlington Zephyr express train. The train was an aerodynamic diesel powered streamliner that brought an end to the steam-engined trains and set many new speed-records. The Zephyr stayed in production until 1942 when it was discontinued to make way for the new Mercury line which was in a similar market segment. Since the Mercury's were derived from a Ford running gear and chassis they were cheaper to produce, Lincoln decided to cancel the Zephyr after only six years of production.
The styling was courteous of the Dutch-Born designer John Tjaarda of the Briggs Body Corporation, however, prior to production Ford's stylist Bob Gregorie restyled the front end. Under the hood was a Ford-derived V-12 that produced 110 horsepower, not enough to do justice to the Zephyr name and what it represented, but a modest amount to carry the vehicle where it was tasked to travel.

In 1936 around 15000 Zephyrs were constructed, nearly 80% of all Lincolns sold. Nearly 1500 were given coupe/sedan body-styles which were a two-door sedan configuration built on a chassis that could have accommodated four-doors.

In the year 2005, Lincoln reintroduced the Zephyr. To help create excitement at auto shows, Lincoln purchased a 1936 Zerphyr serial number H-5739, to tour with the modern Lincoln Zephyr.

Due to the onset of World War II, Lincoln switched to war-related production. Production resumed in 1946 and continued until 1948.

By Daniel Vaughan | Aug 2006

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