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from 1936

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Auburn 852 ($188-$2,245)

Average Auction Sale: $20,086

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1936 Zephyr
1936 Lincoln Zephyr Price Range: $1,280 - $1,320

Model Year Production

1941Chevrolet (1,008,976)Ford (691,455)Plymouth (522,080)17,756
1940Chevrolet (764,616)Ford (541,896)Plymouth (430,208)22,046
1939Chevrolet (577,278)Ford (487,031)Plymouth (423,850)22,711
1938Chevrolet (465,158)Ford (410,263)Plymouth (285,704)19,527
1937Ford (942,005)Chevrolet (815,375)Plymouth (566,128)30,994
1936Ford (930,778)Chevrolet (918,278)Plymouth (520,025)16,528
1935Ford (820,253)Chevrolet (548,215)Plymouth (350,884)1,411
1934Ford (563,921)Chevrolet (551,191)Plymouth (321,171)2,411
1933Chevrolet (486,261)Ford (334,969)Plymouth (298,557)1,647
1932Chevrolet (313,404)Ford (210,824)Plymouth (186,106)3,647
1931Chevrolet (619,554)Ford (615,455)Buick (138,965)3,540

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