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2007 Bulletproof Automotive S2000

2007 Bulletproof Automotive S2000
Bulletproof Automotive, LLC unveils their Honda S2000 GT, the company's flagship complete tuned street legal car. Bulletproof Automotive, recognized as the leading importer of high end Japanese tuning products and consultant to many leading companies in the aftermarket, conceptualized, designed and built the car using original parts as well as parts sourced from the Japanese tuning elite. 2007 Bulletproof Automotive S2000
Ben Schaffer, President of Bulletproof Automotive and chief designer of the S2000 GT elaborates:
'Since it's inception in 1999, I've been a fan of the Honda S2000's purity and driving performance. Over those years through Bulletproof Automotive I've consulted with thousands of S2000 clients to help build their dream car. With this project I allowed myself to build my own dream car and as a result I hope to inspire others as their cars have inspired me. From the onset of the project I set out to keep the car street legal because I intend for it to be full functioning and well balanced in every aspect. Despite the intention to drive the car weekly, I also wanted to push the envelope to the extreme edge with regards to performance and overall quality design. As I set out on this project earlier this year, I was inspired by what the Honda S2000 CR does and does not do. I hope to leave the world with a representation of what the tuner market can do with a legal tuned S2000 so that people can enjoy comparing and contrasting the aftermarket's capability to Honda's tuner car offering, the S2000 CR. I hope people enjoy both the creativity of our S2000's design and also the performance that results from it.'

2007 Bulletproof Automotive S2000
The Bulletproof S2000 GT's objective is to be aggressive but timeless, strongly stating it's performance capabilities but still with manners and subtlety often overlooked in the tuner industry. Bulletproof aimed to achieve this by selecting some of the best products that they distribute out of Japan and then modifying, remixing and adding Bulletproof's own original parts, ultimately finishing it all off uniquely and with great attention to detail.

2007 Bulletproof Automotive S2000
For example, the Top Secret carbon fiber vented hood is an iconic piece for the S2000, but rather than leave the entire hood carbon, Bulletproof kept the flaunting of the exotic carbon fiber subtle and left only small accents of carbon fiber alongside the vents for true tuning connoisseurs to appreciate. The same treatment goes for the JGTC NSX inspired side mirrors which flaunt a little carbon fiber accent and also were mounted in a subtle but custom location.

The bodywork is one of the first things noticed about the Bulletproof Automotive S2000 GT. Starting as loose fenders and bumpers from multiple high end widebody kits out of Japan (Tracy Sports and Powerhouse Amuse), nearly every panel was 'remixed' in a unique way. The end result is a combination of two different Japanese widebodies and many original parts (side skirts and rear bumper are of original design) that despite the multiple sources and design inspirations, come together in a cohesive package that Ben from Bulletproof envisioned.

Symmetry of both visual and functional aspects is kept in mind as the body was fully re-worked. The new body dimensions are equally widened at 4' front and 4' rear. Also equally matched are fully functional front and rear under diffusers which reduce lift and help with high speed stability, the rear diffuser being produced by Top Secret in carbon fiber. Other symmetry details in design are the use of three vertical fins under the front fenders to match the three vents in the hood, as well as a twin canard look front and rear, the front by using the front diffuser edge and the front canards matched to the rear by using the rear bumper's canards and rear diffuser's Kevlar vortex generators.

The hardtop is also a Bulletproof Automotive original 'remix', starting as an authentic Spoon coupe hardtop and then modified using the Bulletproof original designed side windows.

The paint and graphics on the car are also the best Japan has to offer. The gold is an ultra exclusive Top Secret gold paint. The graphics are custom made by Japan's legendary graphic designer and celebrity Manabu 'Mana-P' Suzuki of Option and D1GP fame.

Vital Stats and Specifications
Vital Stats
Engine : 2.0 L., 4-cylinder

6-speed Manual
The car utilizes two sets of wheels. For the street, it runs Top Secret Gold limited TE37 wheels in 19x9.5 and 19x10.5 size with Toyo Proxes T1R tires. For the track (and as shown in photos) the car runs Ings+1 TS-06 wheels produced by RAYS Japan in 18x10.5 size front and rear with Toyo R1R tires in 265/35/18 size. Both sets of wheels tightly hug massive 6 piston J's Racing brakes which are produced by Endless of Japan.

The suspension is also ground breaking in design. It utilizes Top Secret Super Dampers (Aragosta dampers re-valved and equipped with SWIFT springs) coupled with Top Secret's Roberuta Cup Kit which allows in-car as well as remote control (by key FOB) height control to raise and lower the car. This is one of the only suspensions in the world that allows full racing functionality along with immediate remote height control front and rear. The suspension is finished off with many J's Racing suspension parts including their bump steer kit, pillow ball tie rod and control arm sets and camber joint brackets.

2007 Bulletproof Automotive S2000
The engine utilizes a CARB legal Vortech supercharger mated to a built F20C motor capable of spinning past 9000 RPM, managed by an AEM EMS. The exhaust system is fully built by Tracy Sports utilizing their header, high flow catalytic converter and full titanium 70mm dual exhaust. For racing duties, the engine is also equipped with a Tracy Sports baffled oil pan and runs to a 4.44 final drive gear also by Tracy Sports.

Final specifications of the engine and drivetrain are still being adjusted. At the time of printing, Bulletproof is preparing an original carbon fiber driveshaft for the car.

The interior is kept functional and elegant. The standard air conditioning and cruise control is retained. The factory seats are exchanged for reclining units by Bride out of Japan, utilizing a Carbon Kevlar shell. The passenger seat utilizes slightly smaller side bolsters for a more comfortable and free ride. A Top Secret one touch quick release steering boss is used with a Top Secret limited edition steering wheel made in Italy. The shift knob connecting to a C's short shifter is capped off with an ARC burnt titanium unit. Even the rear view mirror is a unique piece from Japan built using a carbon fiber shell.
Although the car is in a perpetual state of tuning and adjustment, the end result will be tested in competition at various future time trial events. Although unlike many time attack cars, this one will be driven to and from the track in comfort.

Bulletproof Automotive S2000 GT Specification List

• Bulletproof Remix Hardtop

• Top Secret Carbon Bonnet

• Top Secret Carbon R34 Rear Diffuser

• Top Secret Vortex Generators

• First Molding JGTC Carbon Mirrors

• Bulletproof One-Off GT Squared Widebody (Amuse GT1 Front Bumper, Front Diffuser, Front Canards, Front Fenders, Bulletproof Side Skirts, Tracy Sports Rear Fenders BP Remix, Rear Bumper BP Remix, Rear Canards BP Remix)

• Top Secret Gold Paint

• Top Secret/Speed Glass Front Windshield

• MS-R Original Graphics

• F20C with Vortech Supercharger

• Tracy Sports SPL Manifold

• Tracy Sports/SARD Sports Catalyst

• Tracy Sports Titanium 70mm Dual Exhaust System


• Bulletproof Automotive Carbon Driveshaft

• Tracy Sports Drive Shaft Spacer Kit

• Tracy Sports 4.44 Final Drive Gear

• Tracy Sports Baffled Oil Pan

• J's Racing SPL Oil Catch Tank

• ORC Carbon Clutch

• C's Short Shift Kit

• Tracy Sports Pillow Ball Differential Mount

• Fusion Oil and RX-1

Suspension, Brakes and Wheels:
• Toyo R1-R Tires

• Track Rims: Ings+1/RAYS TS-06 Wheels 18x10.5, Top Secret Remix Version

• Street Rims: Top Secret Limited RAYS TE37 19x10.5

• J's Racing/Endless 6 Piston Brake Kit

• Top Secret Super Damper Coilover Kit 16k/14k

• Top Secret Roberuta Height Adjustable Cup Kit: Front, Rear and Remote Control

• J's Racing Rear Control Arm Set, Pillow Ball

• J's Racing Tie Rod End Set, Pillow Ball

• J's Racing Camber Joint Bracket

• J's Racing SPL Rear Roll Center Adjuster 12mm

• J's Racing Side Inner Brace

• Bride Gias Carbon Kevlar Seats

• Top Secret Steering Wheel

• Top Secret One Touch Release Hub

• ARC Titan Shift Knob

Source - Bulletproof Automotive

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