1910 Chadwick Model 19

It is believed that around 300 Chadwick Six Model 19 examples were created. Today, there are only two survivors. It is rather unfortunate, as these were truly impressive automobiles. Their extremely large six-cylinder engine displaced over 11 liters and produced an astonishing 75 horsepower. Considering the road conditions and safety devices of cars of this era, this was an impressive, albeit dangerous, accomplishment. The Model 19 was their most memorable and famous vehicle. For an additional fee, the engine could be fitted with a supercharger.

The engine for the Model 19 was rather intriguing. It consisted of three blocks, had inlet valves in the head with exhaust valves at the side, and a copper cover around each group of two cylinders. The copper cover had water circulating through it to cool the engine.

The Chadwick motorcars were created by Lee Sherman Chadwick, an engineering student at Purdue University. At the tender age of 24, he invented a mechanism for a washing-machine manufacturer.

By Daniel Vaughan | Dec 2008

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1910 Model 19
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