1965 Ford Falcon

1965 Ford Falcon 1965 Ford Falcon 1965 Ford Falcon
Two-Door Sedan
The story of this 1965 Ford Falcon began when drag racer Bob Thomas of Georgia received one of 100 1964 Ford Thunderbolts, which he then nicknamed 'Strip Teaser.' After he raced that 1964 Thunderbolt with great success, he was awarded one of four 1964 Falcons by Ford Special Vehicles for the price of only one dollar.

Thomas took the car apart, lightened it, and replaced its motor with the 'high riser' motor from his Ford Thunderbolt. Thomas and Howard Neal, Thomas's accountant and alternate driver, match raced this 1965 Ford Falcon, nicknamed 'Strip Teaser II,' across the Southern Únited States and lost very few events.

'Strip Teaser II' took more than three years to be restored before it was finally finished in the summer of 2006. Not long afterwards, Greg Sullivan, the car's new owner, took the 'Strip Teaser II' home to Georgia to visit its roots. Thomas's and original tuner and engineer, Larry Davis's eyes watered as the car was pulled of the trailer. Though the car had been altered several times since racing as 'Strip Teaser II,' when Davis started it, he declared, 'Just like it used to sound.'

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The 1965 Ford Falcon was the base trim level and came equipped with two horns, two sun visors, armrests on the front doors only, and chrome on the windshield. They had rear window moldings and fitted with an overhead valve 170 CID six-cylinder engine offering just over 100 horsepower. An optional 200 CID six was available, along with several V8 options. The Falcons were given the same body shell as the 1964 model, but were updated with several trim changes giving the 1965 its own appearance. A new Falcon emblem with black Falcon letters could be found attached to the front fenders, just behind the wheel openings.

The Falcon was available in several body styles including station wagons and 2- and 4-door sedans. The Futura Series, the top Falcon trim level for 1965, added several additional body styles to the list, including a 2-door hardtop, 2-door Sport Coupe, and convertibles.

By Daniel Vaughan | Feb 2014

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