1930 Chevrolet Universal Series AD

1930 Chevrolet Universal Series AD 1930 Chevrolet Universal Series AD
Chassis #: 30559
High bid of $19,000 at 2014 Mecum - Monterey. (did not sell)
Sold for $14,000 at 2016 Mecum : Anaheim.
The 1930 Chevrolet Universal was virtually indistinguishable from the 1929 Chevrolet. It did, however, incorporate a number of significant distinctions and improvements including the addition of a slanting, non-glare windshield. The instruments had a new circular shape with dark colored faces and the gas gauge was moved to the dashboard. The Imperial Sedan replaced the Special Sedan. Other body styles included the Roadster, Sport Roadster, Coupe and Sport Coupe, Phaeton, Coach, Club Sedan and Sedan, and Rumblseat Coupe. Standard equipment included bumpers, robe rail, dome light, silk assist cords, and six wire wheels with fender wells. Another change for the 1930 model year were smaller tires measuring 19 x 4.75 (down from 20 x 4.50).

Powering the 1930 Chevrolet was an overhead valve six-cylinder engine displacing 194 cubic-inches and offering 50 horsepower. They had a three-speed manual transmission and four-wheel internal (mechanical) brakes. Chevrolet advertised their 194 CI 'Stovebolt Six' engine as 'A Six in the price range of the Four.' For the 1930 model year, the engine was strengthened in the bottom end with a beefier crankshaft bearings and crankcase webbing. Larger intake valves and smaller exhaust valves, together with a new manifold, increased horsepower from 46 to 50. The rear axle was strengthened; new Lovejoy hydraulic shock absorbers were employed with smaller wheels and larger tires to smooth the ride, and internal expanding brake shoes were used all around.

This particular vehicle is a Series AD Universal Sedan. It is painted in Green and Black with Yellow trim and a Green interior. It rides on steel wheels that were standard equipment on the Chevrolet until mid-1930 when wire wheels became optional on all models. Currently, the car has just 41,346 miles on the odometer.

By Daniel Vaughan | Dec 2014

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1930 Universal Series AD
1930 Chevrolet Universal Series AD Price Range: $495 - $685

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