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2014 Wraith2014 Ghost Series II2013 Phantom Drophead Coupe
2012 Ghost2012 Phantom2011 Ghost Extended Wheelbase
2010 Phantom Drophead Coupe2010 Phantom2010 Ghost
2010 Phantom Coupe
2009 Phantom Drophead2009 Phantom2008 Phantom Coupe
2007 Phantom2007 Phantom Drophead2006 Phantom
2005 Phantom2004 Phantom2003 Phantom
2002 Park Ward2001 Silver Seraph2000 Silver Seraph
2000 Corniche
1999 Silver Seraph1997 Silver Spur1996 Silver Spur
1994 Corniche IV1993 Corniche IV1992 Corniche III
1991 Corniche III1991 Silver Spur1991 Silver Spirit II
1989 Silver Spur1989 Corniche II1988 Silver Spur
1988 Corniche II1987 Silver Spur1987 Corniche II
1986 Corniche II1986 Silver Spur1985 Silver Spur
1985 Campargue1985 Corniche1984 Camargue
1983 Corniche1983 Silver Spirit1982 Corniche
1982 Camargue1981 Corniche II1981 Camargue
1980 Corniche1980 Silver Wraith II1980 Silver Shadow II
1979 Silver Shadow II1979 Corniche1979 Silver Wraith II
1978 Corniche1978 Silver Wraith II1977 Camargue
1977 Silver Shadow II1977 Silver Wraith1976 Corniche
1976 Silver Shadow1975 Silver Shadow1975 Corniche
1973 Corniche1973 Silver Shadow1972 Silver Shadow
1972 Phantom VI1971 Phantom VI1971 Silver Shadow
1971 Corniche1970 Phantom VI
1969 Silver Shadow Estate Wagon1968 Silver Shadow1968 Phantom VI
1967 Silver Shadow1967 Phantom V1966 Silver Cloud III
1966 Phantom V1965 Silver Cloud III1964 Silver Cloud III
1963 Phantom V1963 Silver Cloud III1962 Silver Cloud II
1962 Silver Cloud III1962 Phantom V1961 Phantom V
1961 Silver Cloud II1960 Silver Cloud II1960 Phantom V
1959 Silver Cloud I1958 Silver Cloud I1958 Silver Wraith
1957 Silver Cloud1957 Silver Wraith1956 Silver Cloud
1956 Silver Wraith1955 Silver Wraith1955 Silver Dawn
1954 Silver Dawn1954 Silver Wraith1953 Silver Dawn
1952 Silver Dawn1952 Phantom IV1952 Silver Wraith
1951 Silver Dawn1951 Silver Wraith1950 Silver Dawn
1950 Silver Wraith
1949 Silver Wraith1948 Silver Wraith1947 Silver Wraith
1939 Wraith1939 Phantom III1938 Wraith
1938 Phantom III1937 25/30HP1937 Phantom III
1936 Phantom III1936 25/301935 Phantom II
1935 20 / 25 HP1934 20 / 25 HP1934 Phantom II
1933 20/251933 Phantom II Continental1933 Phantom II
1932 Phantom II1932 20/251932 Phantom II Continental
1931 Phantom I1931 20/251931 Phantom II
1930 Phantom II1930 20/25hp1930 Phantom I
1929 Phantom I1929 201929 Phantom II
1928 Phantom I1927 Phantom I1927 20
1926 Phantom I1926 Silver Ghost1925 Silver Ghost
1925 Phantom I1925 20 HP1924 Silver Ghost
1924 20 HP1923 20 HP1923 Silver Ghost
1922 Silver Ghost1921 Silver Ghost1920 Silver Ghost
1919 Silver Ghost1915 40/50 HP Silver Ghost1914 Silver Ghost Shapiro-Schebera Skiff
1914 Silver Ghost1913 Silver Ghost1912 Silver Ghost
1912 Silver Ghost Barker1911 40/50 HP Silver Ghost1910 Silver Ghost
1909 Silver Ghost1908 Silver Ghost1907 40/50 HP Silver Ghost

Vehicle information, history, and specifications from concept to production.

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